Why You Should Be Replacing Your Toilet Seats More Regularly Than You’d Think

Why You Should Be Replacing Your Toilet Seats More Regularly Than You’d Think

Are you making do with toilet seats which have all the hallmarks of needing replacement, yet you just can’t settle on your ideal standard toilet seat?

Or have you just moved into a new house, and you need the toilet seats replaced ASAP? When moving into a new house, it is not only important to change the locks. Toilet seats too need replacement as you are probably not aware of the hygiene of the previous occupants.

Now, choosing the right toilet seat is another tough choice you may need to make, considering these seats serve various purposes. Sometimes, the toilet seat may just be so worn out or too cracked to be useful.

In other circumstances, the toilet seat may be out of sync with the colour scheme of your bathroom. For many who value their peace of mind and treat their bathrooms as safe havens for secluded reflections, this is an irreducible minimum.

When it has become clear that you have to replace your toilet seat, these key considerations come into sharp focus.

Change in Seasons

When winter finally sets in, a freezing cold toilet seat should be the last thing you’d want to experience in the morning. Your choice of ideal standard toilet seats will ultimately determine the level of comfort you get. You may need a heated toilet seat during this season, but a wooden toilet seat would just do the trick.


The market is flooded with ideal standard toilet seats. Truth is – there are a wide variety of toilet seats out there coming in various shapes and sizes. If your toilet seat is too high for your kids, you may need to change it. Similarly, a change would be necessary if the toilet seat is either too old or broken.

One of the most common causes of breakages is stepping on the toilet seat while fixing your lights. Wear and tear on the toilet seat hinges also comes with the closing and opening of the lid over time.

Cost of the toilet seat

While it looks like a great decision to buy cheap toilet seats and save money, you could end on spending more in replacements than when you had bought one quality toilet seat. Toilet seats come at different prices but as you go up the price tags, you are sure to get real value.

Soft close toilet seats are becoming more popular these days. These seats are fitted with springs or synthetic sponges to aid smooth closing. Most of the soft close toilet seats are plastics. However, there are wooden toilet seats too.

Ranking high as one of the most futuristic toilet seats is the Roper Rhodes Neutron which is cheap but gives you comfort, is simple and durable. Other toilet seats come fitted with technological features which give you a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Vellamo Smart Japanese-styled toilet seat is one revolutionary piece that will completely change your bathroom experience. It features a remote-controlled automated cleaning system, an air dryer with adjustable temperature and an adjustable heated seat.

This futuristic toilet seat is sure to make you spend more time in the toilet than ever before. The toilet seat is fitted with a deodorizing system complete with an adjustable water temperature feature.

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