Why should you choose aluminium doors?

Why should you choose aluminium doors?

When it comes to entrance and back doors for the home, there’s a lot of choice on the market. There are the predictable UPVC, timber or composite doors, but what about something a bit more special?

What you might not be aware of are aluminium doors, they can provide credible options when compared to their more predictable counterparts. If you’re currently in the market for new doors, consider aluminium doors North Wales for your next investment, here are some good reasons why you should consider aluminium for your new doors.

Aluminium can be made wider and taller than their UPVC counterparts

Generally speaking, most aluminium doors can be made much larger than their UPVC counterparts. This means that you benefit from using the entire opening as a door and this could also work out to be cheaper, as having to add toplights or side panels to doors adds to the overall cost.

Give you discrete or even invisible hardware

The hinges that are typically used with timber and composite doors are far bulkier and more intrusive than those used with aluminium doors. This is due to the UPVC frames found in composite doors and panelled doors need more reinforcement and bulkier hardware in order to support the weight of the door leaf. This is not the case with aluminium which is much slimmer and needs no additional reinforcement. With some aluminium doors, you can even have invisible hinges.

More glass and less visible frames

Did you know that aluminium is two and half times strong that UPVC? Opting for an aluminium door means you’ll get a much slimmer door, but one that can also support bigger sizes and more visible glass areas. For the consumer, this means a more attractive, aesthetically pleasing door.

More colour choice and colour matching

Polyester powder coating is the most durable and advanced way of coating aluminium; not only do you get over 200 colour options, but these are further added to with metallic, textured and even different colours inside and out. You can even have wood effect doors in aluminium as well! With powder coated aluminium doors you are guaranteed an exact colour match – the same cannot be said for composite or UPVC.

More design options

Composite and UPVC panelled doors are designed around panel slabs in set designs. Whilst there is a large choice of door designs, did you know that with aluminium doors you can create your own specific design? This gives you the option of designing you own door that is completely unique to you, and not just part of a stock range.


For example, you need a cat flap in the front door; this is much harder to fit to a solid core or reinforced plastic composite door and once it has been done, it can often look out of place. Aluminium doors provide multiple glass and panel options meaning if you require modifications, they be carried out on order, in the future or even taken out all together.


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