Why Should You Choose a Toilet From Toto Brand?

Why Should You Choose a Toilet From Toto Brand?

Toto toilets are some of the best brands of toilets on the market today. Having the best flushing toilet system should be your primary concern be it in your home or your office.

In fact, there is nothing as disturbing as coming into contact with a slimy, slippery and filthy toilet especially in your home when you can have state of the art toilets from Toto Brands.

A good toilet goes beyond being just a piece of well-crafted bathroom fitting besides keeping the sanitation of your house in good condition. That being said, we are going to give you Toto toilet reviews so you may understand why they have become a better choice in most of the upcoming homes.

Reasons why you should choose Toto Toilets

  • Different models

Toto brands of toilets come in various types to meet the requirements for different places but with a common goal; to keep the area around you clean.

Even though they come in different types, these toilets provide powerful flushing but save water at the same time. In the long run, you would save quite a lump sum on your monthly bills.

Still, on the type, you can choose from single flush to dual flush and pressure assist to gravity assist toilet systems. But in most cases, many people would prefer gravity assist to pressure assist flush system for the reason of using gravity to force the waste down into the sewage system.

Even though single flush toilets were a common brand earlier, dual flush toilets have taken over due to their ability to use less amount of power for the maximum flushing efficiency.

  • Design

When choosing Toto toilets, you are likely to have two options which are one piece or two-piece designs. One piece designs have components which are already fixed. This means that the bowl and the tank are not separated, unlike the two-piece designs.

Apart from the two toilet designs, there is yet another design popularly known as the wall mounted toilet. In this category, the toilet seat is always fixed on the wall and does not require a lot of maintenance. However, you can choose from the three designs depending on the type and size of your toilet.

  • Bowl Shape

When it comes to bowl shapes, Toto brands ensure that your comfortability is taken care of. Besides, their bowl shapes are designed to allow you to clean them effectively and perfectly without much of a hassle.

For that reason, you will find a number of toilets under Toto classified according to their bowl shapes with round and elongated being the most preferred designs of all time. But it is wise to choose the bowl shape depending on the size of your bathroom for the best fit.

  • Rough-in Measurement

Rough-in measurements are the most important factor to consider before purchasing your perfect brand of Toto toilets. This factor is crucial in ensuring that your waste is completely removed from every part of the bowl with a single flush.

To achieve this feat, you need to consider settling for dual toilets which are designed to work efficiently to keep your environment clean.

  • Mode of operation

Your choice of Toto toilets should also be influenced by their mode of operation. These toilets are well-engineered to ensure that they execute their operations in a completely silent mode but with efficiency. Therefore, you should consider the mode of operation for your ideal toilet operation before buying it.


To surmise, the perfect answer for you is the Toto toilet when you are looking for quality, ease of operation and comfort. You’re free to choose any of the designs of Toto brands that suits your needs fully.

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