Why is Concrete so Popular? The Concrete Home Revolution

Why is Concrete so Popular? The Concrete Home Revolution

Concrete around the home is so fashionable right now with the industrial trend ever more popular, we are seeing concrete all over the home from to floors to kitchen tables. It’s a hugely practical option, including choosing concrete for your polished concrete worktops. Concrete is a hard wearing surface which only gets stronger and stronger over time. It’s also something different to have as your kitchen worktop.

The attraction of concrete is that it can be used to make a bold impression on a space or be a subtle design statement that can go with many kitchen styles the past few years have seen concrete grow in popularity due to the bespoke nature of the material. Unlike many other worktop materials, every piece of concrete is completely unique and can be moulded to any shape or dimensions needed. The material enables maximum customisation, allowing you express your creative side with endless possibilities in colour tones and finishes.

Its durable nature is another reason why it was widely used for so many applications. It is a timeless material that continues to evolve with its surroundings developing a natural patina over time.

Polished concrete worktops are arguably one of the easier worktop materials to fit as the weight keeps the pieces in position. Once the worktop is placed on top of the kitchen carcasses they need to be packed up, so they are level with a small amount of adhesive applied to the underside. If multiple pieces are sat next to each other the joins can be filled with a colour matched silicone or they can be left next to each other with a dry join.

Different colours and tones of the concrete is determined by the pigment that is added to the mix at the time of casting of a concrete worktop or concrete sink. All colours can be available as samples which will be unique within themselves. Demonstrating the characteristics that a concrete worktop can offer.

As concrete is a naturally porous material, many producers of concrete surfaces seal all worktops before they leave the factory.

There are two kinds of concrete sealer used. The first is a 2 part polyurethane sealer which gives a higher level of protection in a standard matt finish. The second option is an impregnated sealer which allows the concrete to patina over time and gives more of a polished finish with the additional application of a wax.

Everyone’s needs are different so it’s important that the finish suits the individual’s home improvement North Wales ideas.

Concrete is maintained according to the sealer chosen. Polyurethane sealers are a one-time seal and shouldn’t need any more sealing. Impregnated sealers are applied then waxed. In order to maintain the shine of the worktop you will need to re-apply the wax as often as you can.

Concrete worktop can last a lifetime if given the proper care. The material itself will only continue to strengthen and become more durable as time goes on. Many people choose concrete because of its timeless qualities and versatile nature.

Concrete worktops can sit on any standard kitchen carcasses. For additional support however we do recommend if the units are sat on top of the adjustable plastic feet that the units can be packed up with strips of MDF. They are also very compatible with concrete sinks, often used in conjunction with each other.

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