What entails an interior designer’s resume?

What entails an interior designer’s resume?

It is what you’ve been doing all along as an interior designer but when it comes to presenting the same ideas creatively in a resume, you feel defeated. Lack of a killer resume could kill your rather promising career and even the less qualified people are passing over you. This post seeks to bring to your attention some key points that will help you to improve on your resume presentation.

Understand your target audience

As a commercial interior designer, you’ll need to have the ultimate customer at the back of your mind. Whatever you do should be to impress that guy who will come looking for some office space. You should ask yourself questions like; how will the customers of my tenants think of the place? Imagine of the ambiance, what will pull someone to prefer that property against a myriad of others? A client’s home will in the same vein require that mind; what are they thinking of as the final look of their home? What is her concerns and such?

Applying the same principle, when you are writing a resume, think about who’s going to read- then you will be in a position to shape it accordingly. Think about the company you want to for. Is it a corporate with many designers or that small business where you will be the only designer? What is their culture and the like? Once you have the ideal picture in mind, then your choice of words and the mode of presentation would be geared toward doing a resume that is spot on.

What makes you unique?

Your uniqueness in character, skills, and experiences is what makes you stand out from others. This is your value proposition and it is what makes you competitive. As you present this, it must convince enough to the prospective employer.


You have your target company already and your value proposition. Then, plan how you’ll communicate all that in your resume. Think about the structure as clearly, keywords that will show your knowledge of the company that you are applying for. If you are applying to a company that specializes in offering retail interior design services, then present your skills in a way that is relevant and specific to that field.

Include testimonials

There are those clients or other employers you’ve worked with and have given their positive reviews concerning your services. Ensure you capture such visibly.

It’s about creating an impression of the kind of a designer that would be helpful to the prospective employer. Don’t exaggerate but ensure that your uniqueness comes out clearly.

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