What Does a Car Locksmith do?

What Does a Car Locksmith do?

Locksmithing is one of the world’s oldest professions dating more than 4000 years back to Ancient Egypt. The first locks were rudimentary and made out of weak materials. The modern locksmith developed once metal locks were introduced in the 9th and 10th centuries. Our current definition of a locksmith has evolved as locks and security technology has become more advanced.

Modern locksmiths operate in residential, transportation, and commercial settings. Daily they do functions such as fixing broken locks, lock installation and creating keys. As technology has become more sophisticated locksmith’s knowledge has also needed to expand to include items such as keyless entry service and remote access systems.

Automotive locksmith’s provide specialized service related to vehicles. We have all felt that feeling of dread when we step out our car and noticed that our keys are still sitting inside. After the initial panic subsides, we call a loved one, roadside service or directly phone a locksmith. Once a locksmith comes out, they determine the best way to help us to regain entry to our vehicle. A locksmith is specially trained to pick locks without causing unnecessary damage in a matter of minutes.

Many newer model vehicles come equipped with remote and keyless access. Drivers are provided with a key fob or transponder that is used for vehicle access. Each key fob has its own individual code. Use of key fobs has greatly reduced the instance of vehicle theft as in order for the vehicle to run the computer must accurately process the associated code. This is a convenience until you are in the situation where the key fob stops working or is lost. If the key fob is damaged, lost or locked away a trained locksmith can be of assistance. Using the code which is found in the owner’s manual or on another key, a locksmith is able to clone a replacement. Locksmiths also are able to create copies of regular keys for older model vehicles by cutting new ones from an existing. This is very useful when you have a vehicle with a single key and no spare.

Sometimes door locks become broken or pieces of a key will snap off inside of a lock. A trained locksmith can access whether repairs are able to be made. In some instances, a broken key or lock can be easily fixed. At other times the pins and springs become so damaged that a locksmith may need to completely remove the lock and install a new one. If a new lock is installed or a lock needs to be rekeyed the locksmith will be able to do the installation.

Auto locksmiths also service recreational vehicles, motorcycles and specialty security systems. Associated with advanced security, some vehicles have computer operated immobilizers. The immobilizer discourages vehicle theft because the vehicle is unable to start unless the device is plugged in. At times the device can be lost, or the immobilizer could cease to function. Locksmiths should be trained to help recalibrate the associated software.

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