Understanding the Different Types of Closets for Your Home

Understanding the Different Types of Closets for Your Home

A closet is a place where you can stow away all your belongings while keeping them out of sight. It is a great concept for storage and how you organize it is up to you. Glenn Robertson Design has some amazing storage design ideas to offer for your home. Each section of the house needs a different type of storage and hence different types of closets. What are these different types? Let’s explore.

Walk-In Closet

This type of closet is a room in itself, which is meant to showcase your belongings while storing them. It has a large storage space, which can be customized according to individual needs. The design can be planned with space to hang clothes, shelving units, drawers and dresser space. The space should be used wisely and practically to optimize easy accessibility and organization. Special care needs to be taken for proper use of the corners.

Reach-In Closets

These are the regular closets with some hanger space, shelf space and drawers. These are much smaller than the walk-in types. They typically have a depth of 3 to 4 feet with a width varying from 3 feet to 8 feet. These also have a lot of scope for customization with respect to storage and doors.

Linen Closets

This is a reach-in closet used for the purpose of storing bed-sheets, pillows, towels etc. They are generally fitted only with shelves, are narrow and designed for easy access by everyone. They are typically placed in the laundry room or between the bathrooms and bedrooms but could also be placed in the bathroom as a standalone unit.  

Hall or Entry Closets

Generally placed near the entrance, this kind of closet is meant to store outerwear items such as coats, jackets, hats, shoes etc. They could also store sports items, umbrellas, brooms etc. and the outerwear of visitors to the house. Coat hangers, low cabinets, and under-seats storage can help organize these items easily.

Pantry or Kitchen Closets

Located inside or near the kitchen, pantry closets are equipped with shelves of different sizes and heights to fit in all kinds of kitchen jars, cans, packaging supplies, cutlery, and other kitchen supplies. They can also be customized with different types of doors and shutters.

Combinations of different types of closets, wardrobes, armoire, chests of drawers and dressers can transform your home and the way it looks.

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