Understanding The Construction Of Cheap Engineered Wood Flooring

Understanding The Construction Of Cheap Engineered Wood Flooring

We all know the basics of how a house is built. After it is fully done, we are the masters of our place and we get to decide how to decorate and set up our homes. One of the most significant parts of any place is the flooring. Whether the area is residential or commercial, wood flooring is a favorite and one of the most popular flooring options out there. But how many of us actually know how the cheapest engineered wood flooring is constructed? Not many, right? So, let us gain an insight into the construction of engineered wood to know better about our favorite home decor element.

How Is Engineered Wood Made?

One of the most rampant misconceptions regarding engineered wood is that real wood is not used at all in the construction of engineered wood. Many timber layers are fixed together with each other and a layer of hardwood lamella is used for doing the finishing touches. The layer of real wood on the top gives an illusion of natural hardwood flooring but on the upside, it is resistant to moisture. Due to its unique construction, there is a whole set of benefits that engineered wood offers which real hardwood cannot.

Multi Ply Construction

The plywood used for making the body of the main board is broken down in layers and those layers are tightly fused together. This fusing makes the construction of multi ply engineered wood extremely sturdy and resistant to damage to a great extent. Any type of subfloor can be used underneath. This increases the versatility of this particular type of construction for engineered wood flooring and makes it suitable for installation in different types of areas.

Three Ply Construction

There is one layer of plywood, another layer of softwood and they are topped with real hardwood layer for the natural look. Since less number of materials are used for constructing three ply planks, they are much cheaper than multi ply construction.

HDF Construction

HDF stands for high density fibreboard and it is the cheapest engineered wood option. It is resistant to various blows and damages against the floor but is not as moisture resistant as the above two options.


If you live in an area that is highly prone to moisture, you cannot install real hardwood floors. But if you still crave for that classic wooden look then engineered wood flooring is the way to go as it does not wear out easily due to its moisture resistant properties. The versatility is another factor that makes engineered wood triumph over solid hardwood flooring. It is an economical option for those who love the hardwood look but are on a budget. All three types that are mentioned above provide a cheap option for engineered wood. However, when the life of these floors is done you can do nothing but get the planks replaced whereas, in case of solid hardwood flooring, refurbishing can be done.

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