Try a Floor Protective Product Better Than Masonite

Try a Floor Protective Product Better Than Masonite

Many contractors are familiar with the positives and negatives of using Masonite and other types of board to protect floors that will be highly traveled during a repair, build, or renovation. You can have a better solution in a more affordable product by incorporating the use of Aqua Shield.

Lightweight Product Offering Heavy-Duty Protection

Aqua Shield is a product designed to offer the maximum amount of flooring protection for construction, renovation, mechanical repair, or light welding that is both easy to handle and durable. It will withstand a large amount of punishment with equipment maneuvering, tool operation, scissor lift weight, paint, stain, welding sparks, and steady foot traffic. It offers the same concentrated protection at a more affordable price.

Choose the Thickness You Need

You can adjust the thickness to suit the project. It is available in thicknesses of 10, 25, or 40-millimeters. The thinner floor protector is perfect for painting, staining, plastering, or major plumbing jobs. It works great for a steady stream of workers that could damage sensitive flooring. The mid-range thickness is perfect if you are dealing with the use of heavy tools, paint sprayers, generators, and more. The heavy-duty 40mm thickness will help protect floors from the weight of large equipment like scissor lifts, forklifts, and similar items.

Easy Installation

You can choose from a range of width and length to customize for the types o projects you work. Smaller contracting jobs can use a 3-foot width and 15-foot length. You can also select up to a 4-foot width and 393-feet in length. Each roll is easy to spread in the desired workspace without the need for a ton of labor.

Reusable Floor Protection

Packing up Masonite or other type board is labor-intensive and you cannot always salvage every piece. Trimaco products are designed for quick installation, fast removal, and readiness for the next job. You will find it to be one of the best investments you can make in protective products. Moving on to the next job quickly helps increase your revenue flow.

Leak-Proof and Fire Retardant

When you combine this floor protectant covering with the specialized installation tape, you end up with a moisture barrier that makes small spills less of a concern. Small welding jobs and electrical work can lead to the spray of sparks that can cause burn marks, or even lead to a fire. You can feel confident that this barrier reduces the chances of damage to the floor or structure from heat and sparking.

Don’t leave the floors and surfaces at your next job site vulnerable to inadvertent damage. Try one of the more affordable essential flooring protectors available on the market.

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