Top Porch Design Ideas to Improve your Home!

Top Porch Design Ideas to Improve your Home!

Summer is just as great as winters, if you have your own porch designed according to your own specifications in mind. Porch building plans come in virtually endless numbers. All you have to do is to look for the best porch building contractor who can turn your dream porch idea into a reality. If you are looking for something different when planning to build your porch, here are some really cool ideas that you may want to explore.

Top Cool Porch Building Plans &Ideas:

Parallel front porch

This is perhaps the most common type of porch that you must have seen around the city. But the best thing about this design is that this helps make the most of your space that too in a budget. This is particularly important if you want to sell your home in the future as this makes your home looing more spacious, resulting in increased property value. Remember that the porch should be at least 8 feet wide.

Screened porch

If you are living in a place where pollution, dust and insects are quite common, opting for the screened porch is the right choice. You can also save hundreds of dollars by using substituted treated decking instead of cedar. This stands above one of the most recommended porch building plans as this protects your interiors from harmful pollution while the transparent walls allow you to feel like you are outside.

Gazebo shaped porch

This one is a very stylish one available for the modern homes. It gives a facelift to an old and boring house, making it one of the most amazing porch building plans. Although it can be a bit expensive than other design options, but it’s worth the price you pay. This is a unique design that increases the value of the house to a great extent.The only disadvantage of this design is that your porch is not protected from the rain at all.

Small front porch without railings

If you like things to be simple yet elegant in fit in your budget, then the small front porch without railings is the right choice. It is true that this type of porch are small and you can’t fit much furniture in there, but they’re great addition to the modern homes in a budget. Get the steps and the floor made of bricks, which helps increase the durability of the porch.

So if you are planning to add a porch to your home and are looking for the best porch building plans and ideas, the above-mentioned plans are sure to give you a reason to flaunt about your home’s exterior appearance as they are going to add a lot of beauty to your home while being in your budget for sure.

Make sure to hire a professional and trusted porch builder so you are sure about the quality and the budget part. Professionals can help you also add a lot to your selected design idea to make it look even better.


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