Top 5 Kid Friendly Renovations

Top 5 Kid Friendly Renovations

Does your basement still have builder’s beige on the walls? Do you use it for anything other than storage? It may be time to give your basement a face lift but not just any renovation will do the trick. Renovating your basement should always make the space more, not less, useful. When you think about it, how often will you really use the thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment or the oversized pool table you bought for entertaining? Consider a colourful and kid friendly basement renovation project for your next home improvement adventure.

Rock Climbing Wall

It’s great to take the kids out on daytime excursions but it’s not always practical or convenient. Bring the adventure home and renovate your basement to include a climbing wall for kids and plush mats and carpeting to secure soft landings. If your kids are starting to remind you of monkeys, a trip to the rock climbing wall in your renovated basement will be an excursion they will love and an easy at home activity that will stop them from dangerously climbing your banisters and bookshelves or performing daring feats off the countertops and couches.

On the Stage

Children have the wildest imaginations and it’s always amazing to see what they come up with. Children can be hilarious, silly and completely heartwarming. For the creative and dramatic type, your renovated basement might not be complete without a stage and tickle trunk. Whether your child is ready to take on the pressures of a one-man show or they include their siblings and friends in the production, a basement stage takes playing dress up to a whole new level. For shyer kids, perhaps a puppet show stage is the way to go.

Mural Wall

For some reason, kids always find it fun to colour on anything other than paper. Imagine how much fun they could have with a whole wall and no restrictions. Your kid friendly renovated basement could include a mural wall just for them. Talk to a Calgary basement renovation company about framing a piece of white wall that will become children’s art you’ll have forever or if your child hasn’t watched enough Bob Ross yet, you can always paint over it in a few years. A mural wall in the basement will save your refrigerator from a lifetime of crayon coloured castles. You could even talk to Alliance Renovations about using a dry erase or chalkboard finish for repeat fun. The only problem will be getting used to telling your kids that it’s okay to colour on the walls.

Ball Pit Extravaganza

The ball pit at any indoor playground is a highlight for kids of every age but sanitation and safety are legitimate concerns. A built in ball pit in your own basement could be a dream come true. The best part is, your basement has enough space to build a ball pit big enough for you to join in on the fun. Let your kid’s imagination be the guide for the best and most exclusive indoor playground in town. A slide down the stairs into the pit and a swing overhead are not out of the question!

Under the Night Sky

Of course camping outside is always the best option but when you live in Calgary, it’s only possible for about 2 months of the year. The next best thing could be your kid friendly basement, reimagined by your kids and carried out by a Calgary basement renovation company. When you can’t take your children into the great outdoors, teach them as much as you can in the comfort of your own basement. Imagine woodland murals on the wall and astro turf style carpet. Pitch a tent and tell stories on log like stools while gazing at the mystical constellations painted on the ceiling. Just remember that fires are better left for wilderness camping.

Your kids are unique and they deserve a basement that’s as fun as they are. Contact Alliance Renovations and make your children’s imaginations come to life through a basement filled with so much fun, they won’t want to leave.

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