Top 3 Things to Consider For Basement Renovation

Top 3 Things to Consider For Basement Renovation

I believe a lot of people drop their home renovation projects because after talking a lot and perhaps thinking about it, they just lost interest, they cannot manage their budget or they don’t know where to start. Often there is too much planning involved and there are chances of even abandoning the project in the middle.

Every room in the house is important that includes your basement. There are many ways that you can use the basement, well except for the one which famously known. That’s something we see in every horror flick, abandoned, dark and home for all the creepy and crawlies. Here, I am going give you three simple ideas that you can use for your Basement Renovation.

Fix the Ceiling

The ceiling of the basement is one of the most essential things you will have to work on. So what do you do? First, you fix it. If you have lots of pipes or wires, you will have to find a way around to install a drywall first without disturbing them. You have to consult a professional unless you are the one. You wouldn’t want to disturb the existing connection and cause a major problem. Adding a frame or drop ceiling is also a good idea. Once all the fixations are done, put the lights. Prefer LED lights if you can, as it is affordable and does brighten up space.

Fix the walls

The next important part of the basement is the walls. Since the basement doesn’t have direct natural light, it is mostly damp and cold without any ghostly presence. So, for the walls, the first thing you might want to do is to insulate it. This vapour barrier sheet could trap the warmth and stop the moisture forming inside the walls.

A lot of moisture can result in moulds. Hence, protecting your pipes and wires is essential too. Along with insulation, you will have to waterproof the walls. There are also insulated wall panels available in the market, specially designed for the basement. Once the wall is done, it’s ready for painting. You can choose a plain colour or a design it.  The choices are boundless.

Fix the flooring

Deciding your flooring could be a little complex. You might probably settle for vinyl or wooden flooring to complete your renovation just like rest of the house. However, your basement is not rest of your house. It is an essential and ignored space that you eventually decided to transform. You might have a constraint on the budget. So, try to look ahead of the time. Picture yourself standing on the floor, which you remodelled a few years ago and now you have to repair it because it’s mouldy and cold all the time.

To avoid that pain of spending, invest just once and wisely. While there are plenty of choices, my personal option would be ceramic tiles. As they come in a lot of different colours. Once the tiles are fixed, we can add the carpet. This is especially comfortable and it will keep the floor dry. Hence, you don’t have to worry about moulds at all.

Extra tips: Apart from the above three things that you can do for the Basement Renovation; depending on your budget and after a good research, you can go ahead arrange the furniture, heating system and storage equipment. Happy Renovating!

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