Top 10 tips on creating the perfect modern dining room for your home

Top 10 tips on creating the perfect modern dining room for your home

A modern dining room makes your home look contemporary and stylish and is a functional place to entertain and serve meals. There are several things you can do to achieve the look.

Start with a Modern Chic Dining Table

A modern dining room starts with a neutral colour palette and a white gloss dining table is the perfect backdrop for introducing colour through accessories. The shiny finish is ultra-modern and will reflect natural light throughout the room.

Hang a Chandelier

A lovely chandelier brings glamour to your dining room and adds a modern touch that is so much better than a standard ceiling fixture. Try something with an abstract model to heighten the modern effect even more.

Introduce some Contrast

If you start with a white colour scheme you can inject a bright pop of colour for a modern look. Try a red accent wall or orange slipcovers on the chairs.

Choose Bold Chairs

Expert designers are calling bold seating options a great modern touch in your dining room. Try upholstered chairs or something in an unexpected colour or fabric. Patterns are also nice but be sure they are modern and not reminiscent of a cabin or castle.

Keep It Simple

As you’re choosing pieces for your dining room, remember that you can quickly ruin the modern feel of the space by cramming too much into it. A table and chairs are a must, but don’t go overboard with hutches, buffets, artwork or shelves full of knick-knacks.

Avoid Huge Furniture

You’ll get more of a modern touch by creating an intimate dining space, which means the furniture shouldn’t take up so much room that you can hardly move. Choose pieces that are proportional to the room for the best look.

Mix and Match Seating Options

Design experts are increasingly moving away from matched dining room chairs. To get this ultra-modern look, mix and match your seating options. This might mean traditional chairs at the ends of the table, mixed up with stools or benches along the sides. And they don’t all have to be the same colour either.

Add a Bar Cart

While you don’t want a ton of furniture in your dining room, adding a small bar cart is a great idea, especially if you use the space for entertaining. A well-stocked bar cart looks right at home in a modern dining room.

Bring in Some Greenery

This might be as simple as potted plants on the table or fresh flowers for a dinner party. Modern spaces are often accented with a ficus tree or some succulents so don’t be afraid to add some to your dining room.

Accessorize with Natural Elements

Natural elements are hot right now, so you can really inject some modern flair to your dining room with wall art depicting nature scenes or a burlap runner on your table. You might also try warm wooden chairs or bright green tableware that mimics what you’d find in nature.

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