Tips To Make Your Windows Burglar-Proof

Tips To Make Your Windows Burglar-Proof

While doors are made to be secure, we must not take windows for granted. Safeguarding your house from thieves, also means burglar-proofing your windows. Here are some tips to make your windows burglar-proof:

  • Steel Grilles

Windows are made from glass but unless you do not have double-layered glass that cannot be easily broken, you would need to reinforce it by adding a layer or metal, preferably steel or rather, wrought iron. I don’t mean taking a sheet of steel and layering your window with it, what I meant was, making bars into a pattern that are too small for a person to crawl through, in the event that your window gets broken. There are some fancy styles available and professionals would know how to install them easily. You may want to reinforce the window sill with the steel and bars so that you can leave your window open for air, without worrying about someone breaking in.

  • Sensors

If you are high-tech, having sensors installed is an option. You may want to install the sensors that would tell whether a heavier than usual object enters through the window. This way it would not go off if a bird or other flying creature sits on it. If you have an alarm system for your doors, you may want to extend this to your windows.

  • Tint

Tint your windows with one-way tint so that no one can see inside. This way the robbers would not know what to expect on the other side and may be less likely to take the chance of breaking in. Ensure that the tint is also one-way when the light is on inside the home. Some tint looks dark from the outside but when the light goes on, you can see inside as clear as day. Another upside with tint is that you don’t have to install curtains or blinds, and if you use UV-tint, you keep out the heated sun as well.

  • Handles that Lock

When you close your window, you want to ensure that it is secured, meaning, it cannot be opened from the outside. Most modern windows come with a safety latch made of iron, allowing you to secure it tightly into place. You should check these often for any weaknesses so that you can have them repaired as soon as possible. Constant use may cause them to slacken or if not properly greased, it can break easily.

  • Breakable Items

Burglar-proofing your window may cost you a pretty penny but, in the meantime, you can use this option without spending a cent. Take objects that can be easily shattered or if it falls, it would alert you. When robbers break in through the window, they would not necessarily have access to what is inside on the windows ledge. Chances are, they would cause whatever is on the ledge, to fall to the floor while they bodily try to get in through the window. If they are heavy, I very much doubt the robber will have the patience or the skill to safely move the object, without making a sound.

As you can see from this blog post there are plenty of things that can be done to better secure a property. And there are a lot of little things beyond what is discussed here that can be performed by the average person on a day to day bases. The most important thing is to use common sense when securing your property and to be proactive in finding new and innovative ways to make your property more secure. But when in doubt you should hire a professional locksmith in your area that specializes in home security and locksmith technologies.


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