Tips on Basement Renovations

Tips on Basement Renovations

Before looking into the tips for the improvement of your basement, first we should understand what the terms mean and what it entails. Generally we can define Basement renovation as improvements associated with construction in the basement while maintaining the structure of the building. The space found underground or below your ground floor in your houses is what is known as the basement. Most of the homes and home owners who have a basement have not maximized the basement. However resent statistics show the rise of number for people who have renovated their basements.

This piece is going to highlight the major renovation tips for the best outcome. Firstly, before deciding on a design, you have to consider the following points:

  • The height and width of the basement
  • The lighting of the room
  • Staircase setting and,
  • Sealing design

Below are the tips for renovations in the basement. To get the best result from a renovation the following tips proves to be useful. Furthermore renovation involves a heavy task which needs to be planned for in advance. This will also reduces chances of errors and faults during renovations.

Exit doors

It is a requirement to have an exit passage available in case of an emergency. An opening can be created that is close to the ground and which can be accessed easily. Furthermore the opening can be designed into a window which can also be used to let in natural light from outside.

Water Leakage

Second, ensure that there is no water or moisture forming through the ceiling or the foundation of the house. This is an important aspect, and since a stitch in time saves nine, stopping the water early enough will prevent a disaster later. The renovations should be done after the problems related to water or any other issues are addressed.

Install shear wall

This is an erect frame bolted on the ceiling and floor of the basement. It is especially considered on earthquake prone areas. However installing a shearwall will only strengthen your structure.

Future plans and objectives

Before renovating and installing permanent structures in your basement, I would advise you to first think of what you would like the basement to be in the future. As stated earlier, renovations are not an easy task and require time and resources. For that reason it is best to look ahead.

Air conditioning

Depending on the kind of renovation being done on the basement, the flow of air should be considered. The windows not only let in light but also facilitate in the circulation of air in the basement. You can install a conditioner to control the temperature of the room too.


In conclusion the kind of renovation will depend on personal preference and the size of the space. Therefore the above tips are among the tips to consider and apply before and during basement renovation. You can also check out other renovations or even visit a professional a get a clear picture of how you want your basement to look like.

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