Tips For Giving Your Living Room A Fresh Look

Tips For Giving Your Living Room A Fresh Look

While the bathroom and kitchen often get the nod when it comes to renovating, your living room space is equally important when decorating your home. Your living room should reflect not only your personality but also your taste and style.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get started:

Paint a New Color
Painting a new color may be a big commitment for you, but it’s one of the simplest ways to transform any living room space. Consider painting an inspiring color to add life to your living space and also change the mood of your room.

Fiddle With the New Trend
Even if you are not an ardent trend follower, there is no reason why you should not try to spruce up your space with some trendy additions. You can go for a velvet fabric; a timeless material that adds a lot of texture and warmth to different interior designs and practically works with any living room style.

Refresh your Accents but Stay Within your Budget
When working under a tight budget, you want to minimize your expenditure by easily switching your accent pieces. You can get a new piece of art, swap some throw pillows or unfurl a new rag. It’s these little details that make the biggest impact while creating a space that looks and feels nice.

Expand Small Spaces with Flexible Furniture
Flexible furnishings are excellent when it comes to getting the most from your small living room space. You can use ottomans that double as footrests and side tables for your guests or try something clever like using a bookcase as a room divider.

Mix Modern With Vintage
Vintage pieces can easily create a unique and classy living room that perfectly suits your taste and personality. They infuse your living room with the texture and charm of the old-world, leaving your space looking beautiful and full of character. More importantly, you can repurpose any old junk around your home to become something useful.

Find an ideal media stand for your TV
While shopping for a media stand, consider the size of your TV and your wall’s length. Also, go for solid colors such as ivory, black or a shade of gray to harmonize your interior decor. Also, remember that your TV stand should be some inches wider than your TV.

Re-invent your walls with an animal portrait
An animal painting is an ideal way to spruce up your interior decor. The choice of the animal depends on your style; for example, a lion painting inspires a sense of boldness. On the flipside, an abstract goose painting inspires a sense of calmness in your living space.

In a nutshell, giving your living room a fresh new look is all about getting creative and working with your space and budget. You may consider getting rid of all the useless junk in your room to get more space to work with and have an easy time moving stuff around. The idea is to have a welcoming space that adds character to your home without compromising your style. While at it, be sure to work with a reputable interior design company for the best results.

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