Thinking of installing bathroom floor heating system

Thinking of installing bathroom floor heating system

In the harsh winter morning, when you stepped inside the cold bathroom, you strongly feel the need of bathroom floor heating system. Radiant floor heating Hamilton keeps your feet warm and provides you the ultimate comfort in the bathroom. Building the heating system right into the bathroom is an effective way to enhance the comfort level in the bathroom without encroaching on often limited free space. If you are thinking of installing Floor Heating System in your bathroom, you must explore the various options of floor heating.

Comparing different bathroom floor heating options:

Budget for bathroom floor heating:

The cost of warm-up system is dependent on which system you choose and the size and requirements of your bathroom. Radiant Floor Heating is comfortable and affordable heating method for any home or bathroom. They are not only efficient but also silent and easy to install and eco-friendly too.

Radiant floor heating systems are great in bathrooms:

This type of heating is good choice for a bathroom because it works well with linoleum, laminate or tile flooring. RFH system also works well with the material used in bathrooms like ceramic tiles and natural stones. RFH installations also cut down on noise.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems have different heating types:

You can install either of two types of radiant floor heating:

Electric radiant floor heating and hydronic systems.

The first and most commonly used system is electric radiant heating which uses electrical panels to produce heat. On the other hand hydronic systems uses polyethylene tubing buried under the floor, which carries hot water pumped through it to create heat and radiate it to entire bathroom. Which type of radiant system will be the best suited to your bathroom? It depends on the flooring material used in the bathroom.

Heated Floor Mats:

Sometime, there is a requirement to heat a very small area in the bathroom such as foot   area around your toilet or the area in front of your vanity. Multipurpose heated floor mat is the best option for this type of special cases. These mats are quite handy and easy to install.

Eco- Friendly Heating System:

Hydronic based radiant system are the best option, if you want an environment friendly system to heat the bathroom. Hot water and steam pipes are used to radiate heat on the floor surface.

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