The Challenges of Homicide Cleanup Service Philadelphia Pennsylvania

The Challenges of Homicide Cleanup Service Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Property restoration companies have seen and cleaned it all but what they dread the most is just a regular activity for homicide cleanup service Philadelphia Pennsylvania. These brave experts fear nothing and gain access into the most dreadful sites, clean and return them to their pre-existing state. They clean every bit of contamination at the scene. This is what they do. They are passionate about it.

With many years of experience in their coffers, homicide cleanup service Philadelphia Pennsylvania is trained to deal with cleaning crime scenes. They transport and dispose of blood and bodily fluids in a safe and legal manner. They are always on call, but mostly, they walk a fine line between compassion for their clients and a healthy detachment that lets them get the job done.

Homicide cleanup is one of the biggest industries in the US today. It is even bigger than you might think. The sector rakes in more than $300 million in revenue annually. Often, the cost incurred in the cleanup is taken care of by insurance companies. In most cases, victims’ funds also cover most part of the expenses.

The Scene

After a violent crime occurred, the first thing people do is to contact the police to investigate the crime. The police gather evidence required and inspect the body thoroughly. After the investigation, they will contact a homicide cleanup service Philadelphia Pennsylvania to clean the area. In the case of violent death, there may be blood spills and bodily fluids throughout the scene. Items found at a crime scene where death occurred might have been contaminated by harmful blood pathogens. Experts crime scene cleaners are expected to have undergone a series of training in handling crime scene materials and biohazardous material treatment.

Not all calls to a homicide cleanup company are for cleaning a crime scene. In some instances, they are called to clean up after an unattended death – an individual who dies alone but was later discovered. In this kind of case, cleanup experts face a set of cleaning challenges. They have to deal with getting rid of the bodily fluids, odor and insect around the scene. This is a task that requires great expertise.

Their services don’t stop there. They also extend their cleaning service to methamphetamine labs. The poisons used to make methamphetamine permeate whatever comes it’s way and can lead to some health complications such as blindness and lung, liver and kidney damage.


The primary task of homicide cleanup service Philadelphia Pennsylvania is to restore the property to its original state. It is indeed a daunting task that can take from hours to days depending on the complexity of the scene. Homicide cleanup experts take pride in thoroughly cleaning and treating a scene. They remove the contamination without leaving none to spare.

Apart from cleaning a scene, homicide cleaners are emphatic. They know what it’s like to lose a loved one and as such, they will help families get through these trying times.

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