Tartan Carpets: This is What Professionals Do

Tartan Carpets: This is What Professionals Do

A very brief history of Tartan

The distinctive tartan pattern is famous the world-over and recognised everywhere. Although it is a cultural emblem which is inextricably linked with Scotland, it is thought by scholars to have originated with various Celtic tribes living in Central Europe sometime during the 6th century.

The Victorian era was when tartan began to rise in popularity and since then it has become a global design icon, adorning everything from golf trousers to gift-wrapping. Few people realise that every US state has an official tartan. Surely no other design can enjoy that degree of official recognition.

Tartan carpets

Tartan has been a popular wall covering and carpet design for many, many years. Although many homeowners choose tartan design for their carpets they can most often be seen in places such as hotels, golf clubs, restaurants and conference facilities. No one knows for sure why tartan seems to be the choice of many high-end professional venues, but one reason may be that tartan is a perennial; it is as popular now as it was twenty years ago and twenty years before that and twenty years before that. It therefore has a timeless quality that sets it aside from the whims of fashion which govern other designs. It is classic and does not age, unlike some carpet designs which may be modish now but will look embarrassingly out of fashion in a few short years.

The other appeal of tartan is intrinsic to its design, consisting, as it does, of clean lines and geometric squares it suggests an understated elegance combined with order and form. Hence, it is a perfect choice for a mature, classical and professional establishment that wants to cultivate that image.

Be like the professionals

Whatever the professionals can do, you can do too. Tartan carpets are nowhere near as expensive as you might think, and they are available in a range of different colours and designs, both contemporary and traditional which can be combined with Axminster depth and quality.

You may decide to go further and extend the tartan motif to other parts of your home. You can do this with tartan wallpaper and even tartan blankets. If you really want to go “the whole hog” you can even wear your tartan blanket in much the same way as the old Clan leaders did up in Scotland. It makes for quite a sophisticated look. It was certainly chic enough for designers such as Vivienne Westwood.

Tartan today, tartan tomorrow

Tartan will never get old or go out of fashion. The tartan carpets that you lay in your home or office today will look just as stylish in twenty or thirty years’ time. Further, there are so many different tartan designs from which to choose; simply too many to list here but a few of the more popular ones are Black Watch, Royal Stewart, Clan Davison, Clan Donald and Clan McGregor. Even the names are evocative!

So emulate the professionals and choose a tartan design for your home. Then you can sit back, pour yourself a wee dram of single malt whisky and enjoy history’s gift.

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