Should I Rekey Or Replace My deadbolt Locks in my House?

Should I Rekey Or Replace My deadbolt Locks in my House?

First off, a lot of people do not know about rekeying a deadbolt lock. They are aware of only changing of deadbolt lock so the term “rekey” has to be explained first. Changing of deadbolt locks is pretty self-explanatory. To rekey your deadbolt lock means to invalidate the old key of the same deadbolt lock and make another key for the same deadbolt lock. After rekeying a deadbolt lock, the old key will not be able to open the deadbolt lock again.

This is a good idea if you just fired an employee and you are not sure if he still has a copy of the keys to the office. So, you may want to rekey your deadbolt locks to render his keys (if any) useless. To rekey a deadbolt lock, it has to be pulled apart and the tumbler (or key pins) of the deadbolt lock will be changed to match the new key.

The tumblers are very cheap and locksmith will only charge you for labor. This is why it is a cheaper option than changing your deadbolt lock. Now, to decide whether to rekey or replace your deadbolt lock, you need to understand that it is the situation and the purpose that will determine even though rekeying is often cheaper. You should also bear in mind that while rekeying your deadbolt lock does not make it less secure, it does not make it more secure either. A keyhole with 5 key pins will be replaced with another 5-pin keyhole in the deadbolt lock.

When to rekey your  deadbolt lock

Here are common scenarios for which it is better to rekey your deadbolt lock. If you just moved into a new apartment and you are not sure who else has the keys, it is advisable to rekey your deadbolt lock so as to render all other keys useless.

If the key is old but the deadbolt lock is still in great shape, you can also rekey the deadbolt lock instead of replacing it. If you lost a copy of your key and you are afraid that someone may find it, you can also rekey your deadbolt lock. If you have given a copy of your key to a relative and you no longer want him or her to have access to your home again, you can also opt for rekeying.

Sometimes you may have different keys for different deadbolt locks in your home so you now go around with a bunch of keys. It is nice to put the same keyhole in all the deadbolt locks so that a single key can be able to open all of them. This is similar to a car key that opens all the doors, the trunk, and also starts the car. But you must bear in mind that to implement this, all your deadbolt locks must be of the same brand and they must have the same type of keyholes.

When to change your deadbolt locks

You can change your deadbolt locks if you think they are old and you want a modern design. You can also change your deadbolt locks to increase the security of your home. Finally, if you want to rekey all your deadbolt locks so that only 1 key will work for all of them and they are not of the same brand. In this situation, you will need to change your deadbolt locks to the same brand of deadbolt locks that have the same type of keyhole before you rekey all of them.

So, it is the situation that will determine whether to change your deadbolt lock or rekey it.


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