Scan to BIM for infrastructure projects

Scan to BIM for infrastructure projects

Laser scanning has been very popular in the last few years, especially for the building, heritage, school, stadium etc. projects. But scan to bim has its own benefits while used for infrastructure. Although there are many infrastructure projects scan to bim can be used for, this article covers the innovative way to convert an existing tunnel into the as-built 3d model.

Scan to bim services for the tunnel is not as easy as it could be for normal linear projects. The normal projects point cloud data can be converted into the 3d model in software like Revit, Archicad, Civil 3D etc. But the tunnels are irregular in shape. Tunnels have internal area highly undulated and irregular in shape it is very difficult to model such irregular shape using the traditional method. When it comes to ground data, it is possible to convert the point cloud into the terrain or digital elevation model by using civil 3d software, but it works only for the ground data and not for any vertical surface to create the triangulation.

But here is the trick. The point cloud data can be converted in to mesh using any popular meshing software. Not to forget it may not be one click job, a lot of cleaning and other steps may get involved in this but desired results can be achieved. Once the mesh is ready it can be taken to any software that can export the file as .obj or .fbx. That’s all! Bring the file into the Revit or ArchiCAD and model the rest of the components related to buildings. Perhaps, some scan to bim services UK is implementing such a method. Using this method any tunnel or any undulated surface can be converted into the solid mesh or solid surface that can be used for the accurate digitization of the infrastructure.


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