Renowned Wooden Indonesia Furniture in the Market

Renowned Wooden Indonesia Furniture in the Market

Indonesia is an archipelago that has abundant amount of natural resources, including woods. You can find various types of woods in the country. They vary in shapes, color, and physical endurance. Because of the country’s rich wood resource, Indonesia furniture market is continuously on the rise. Although buyers usually come from within the nation, it has become well known internationally too. The furniture has distinctive characteristics that make it a hit in international marketplace. This article will be discussing the most renowned furniture from Indonesia based on its wood materials.

The Most Renowned Wooden Indonesia Furniture in International Market

There are many woods in this tropical country which are processed to become various furniture pieces. Here are four wood species that are very well known in the Indonesia furniture manufacturers in the domestic and international market.

  • Tamarind Wood Furniture

What most people know about tamarind is that it produced sour-tasting fruit which are consumed as spice or snack. They do not know that tamarind wood can be processed into decent tables and chairs. This wood is among the most popular Indonesia furniture materials. It has few unique characteristics. The size of its timber tends to be on larger side of spectrum. Furniture made of the wood usually will emphasize this particular characteristic. Tamarind wood resource is still fairly high. The regulation of its logging is not as strict as for other wood types.

  • Sonokeling Wood Furniture

Sonokeling is a Java native wood species that is coming from Fabaceae family. Its English name is rosewood. It is a widely used material to make expensive Indonesia furniture pieces. Furniture made of sonokeling has elegant look that is almost non-comparable. It all thanks to the wood’s natural dark tone that does not require staining. The wood’s grain also has unique pattern that is very characteristic of this species. It adds the charm of sonokeling-made furniture. In addition to that, sonokeling furniture is highly durable. It can last for years with proper maintenance so the furniture can be passed from generation to generation.

  • Mahogany Wood Furniture

This wood is an infamous wood species that can be found all around the globe. Indonesia furniture made of mahogany utilizes native breed called Toona Sureni. Mahogany is very durable. It can last for years with regular but simple maintenance. The price is cheaper than teak, but it possesses some similar characteristics to this wood. Most furniture made of this material has dark finish to cover up the wood’s natural red tone. Some people also prefer to give it dark tone finish that is almost identical to teak wood color.

  • Teak Wood Furniture

This material is one of the most expensive woods in the world. It has good justifications for the price. Teak can be exposed to all kinds of environment without experiencing damage to its structure. This wood is also able to resist pest infestation. Because of that, furniture made of teak can last for a lifetime even when being placed outdoor. Indonesia furniture made of teak can be pretty expensive and hard to obtain. It is because government’s regulations that limit its distribution. However, the quality is indeed non-comparable.

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