Rekey or Replace the Lock – Which is the Best Choice?

Rekey or Replace the Lock – Which is the Best Choice?

If your key is lost or stolen, you need to take an immediate action to secure your property.  According to the US Department of Justice, in over 65% of all break-ins, the victim knew the burglar. Did you know that in about 8% of break-ins, the burglar did not force their way inside but used a key? Yes, it is true.

So what can you do? Well, rekeying or replacing your locks is the two options you can use to secure your home. There is nothing wrong in deciding to replace the lock. But, there are other cost-effective alternatives like Rekey Wentzville mo.

If you have not come across the term rekeying for lost keys Wentzville mo before, that is perfectly fine, and you are not alone. People always opt to change their locks entirely rather than rekey.

Before we delve into the rekeying versus argument, let’s explore what the process is actually is.

What is rekeying and replacing the locks?

Rekeying is nothing more than removing the old lock from the handle and then removing the old pins. Then, the original pins are replaced with the new pins, in a new configuration. Finally, the lock is put back into the door.

When you go for key replacement Wentzville mo, the old deadbolts and handles will also be removed, and the doors will be modified to accept new hardware. That is expensive both in money and in the time required to do it.

Rekey versus replacing:

Rather than replacing your locks why should you consider rekeying your home? There are a few significant reasons, and it includes:

  • Rekeying can be done quickly:

One of the major facts that often surprise homeowners is that how fast a lock can be rekeyed. Yes, it takes less time to rekey the locks when compared to key replacement. If you contact the local locksmith, they can rekey your house immediately.

  • It is budget-friendly:

Replacing the entire lock will actually cost you lot of bucks when compared to rekeying. It is especially true if you are using higher-end handle and locks. Also, designer handles and locks can be incredibly costly.

  • Door modification is not necessary:

Depending upon the replaced hardware, it is required to modify the door. Again, you have to spend some money on modifying the door. The installation hole should be resized to fit the new hardware.

  • You can keep your old handles:

You can retain the old handles if you rekey the locks, especially if your home has designer handles and lock that matches the design of the door. You may not be able to find the same model in the shops, and if you replace with a new one, it may not look good.

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