Protecting Your Interior Exposed Brick Walls

Protecting Your Interior Exposed Brick Walls

There is a modern-day trend doing the rounds at the moment; it’s called “brick effect feature walls.” Many people opt for the fake rendition of this and simply hang brick effect wallpaper to create the look. Others who are feeling a tad more daring much prefer to have the real thing, known as exposed brick interior walls! In essence, this involves stripping back the plaster to get straight down to bricks and mortar, not an easy job as such but extremely worthwhile once you achieve that beautiful rustic or industrial vibe to your interior space.

How to take care of exposed brick?

Not all bare brick is going to be in tip-top shape. Remember there is a history behind that exposed brick, after all, fired bricks have been around for centuries and the art of construction back in the day most likely involved using lower-quality materials, especially for interior work! It’s also worth noting that beginners tend to do a lot of hidden brickwork while they train in the art of masonry, so those exposed bricks may not be as pleasing to the eye as we would initially hope for.


Exposed interior brick may look sturdy, but unless it is well maintained, it can be anything but! Exposed brick tends to be quite porous, making it extremely vulnerable and at risk of absorbing both dirt and moisture. Damp bricks are something we all need to avoid to prevent mould and worse so deterioration.

Clean and Protect

To avoid any potential disasters with your exposed interior brick, apply an acrylic based paint or sealant to protect it from humidity. Dusting off the bricks is fairly simple, use a microfiber cloth or even the soft nozzle of the vacuum and give it light blast.

For those rarer deep cleaning times when we want to ensure everything is absolute spick and span make a homemade paste of equal parts salt and water with some washing up liquid or castile soap and scrub the paste into the brick. Allow the paste to work its magic for around ten minutes then rinse the whole thing off with a large sponge and clean, freshwater.

If you can’t make it,

Don’t be left disappointed if you cannot create the exposed brick wall look as there are plenty of options to replicate it. Brick slips, including tumbled bricks, aged brick or smooth modern brick and coloured mortar offers an, even more, stand out feature to allow your design to be unique.

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