Pros and Cons of Short Letting for Your Business Trip

Pros and Cons of Short Letting for Your Business Trip

A short or nightly let is the rental of a private home for a visit which can last from a few days to six months. London short lets in particular are fast becoming the first choice of large numbers of business executives. Yet why are so many rejecting the traditional hotel in favour of what is essentially a self-catering trip? And how can where you make your booking affect the quality of your short let visit?


  • Local

  • Independence

  • Dinner parties

  • Relaxation

  • Entertainment

  • Cost Effective

Why Choose A Short Let?

Traditionally, business executives have always booked into hotels where they have enjoyed room service, wake up calls and breakfast served prompt. However, recent trends indicate that they are opting to stay in short-term rented properties where they can enjoy an independent lifestyle for the duration of their visit, relaxing in comfortable, homely surroundings. In addition, short lets are often cheaper than the cost of staying in a hotel. For visits of a few months, many people find it tiring to be constantly living out of a suitcase, largely confined to an impersonal hotel room during their spare time. A short let can usually be found in a local borough near to where your contract requires you to be, reducing the need for travelling. For example, Maida Vale and Paddington are both within easy walking distance of Regent’s Park where the London Business School is located.

After Hours Relaxation

Business executives who are staying in a short let property frequently have family members or friends to stay with them at some point. A short let provides adequate accommodation complete with furnishings, crockery and bed linen to suit every visitor. Leisure time can include outings to local theatres and restaurants which are conveniently at hand. You can even host your own informal dinner parties to impress business contacts, something that would be impossible in a hotel. For the busy executive, a short let offers privacy and independence in a convenient local setting.


  • No room service

  • Over crowding

  • Rogue landlords

How You Book A Short Let Can Affect Your Visit

Apart from the minor disadvantages of having to fend for yourself in a short let, there are other issues to consider before making a booking. Private landlords who rent out properties for short lets no longer have to apply for planning permission and as a result, the properties are not inspected by the localised London authorities. Rogue landlords often ignore fire safety issues and the requirements regarding bedrooms, reducing them to below the minimum size of seventy square metres in order to increase their capacity. Vacancies are advertised on popular websites at attractive rates with visitors arriving at any time. Properties can suffer from a lack of maintenance and repairs are frequently left unattended. In the worst case scenario, you could find yourself sharing a neglected property with strangers.

Using A Reliable Short Let Agency

When you are arranging a short let for a business trip, you need reliable, trouble-free results. Agencies that have expertise in renting out short lets will look for the ideal property on your behalf, leaving you free to concentrate on your business. The properties they have on offer are vetted for fire safety and insurance cover, giving you the assurance that your brief residence will be in high-quality, comfortable surroundings. Taking the time to find a reliable London short lets agency will provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that your visit will be stress-free and excellent value for money

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