Outdoor Living in Contemporary and Elegant Style

Outdoor Living in Contemporary and Elegant Style

Aluminum has been used for decades as an outdoor element in many applications as a rust resistant element. For example, items such as sprinklers that grace our lawns while spraying rust-inducing water, are often constructed with aluminum components. Additionally, the strength and durability in furniture applications for outdoor lounging, dining and decor. 

Changing the Way We View Outdoor Furniture 

Outdoor furniture has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years, if you have memories of the 80’s, the ‘typical’ lawn chair was aluminum framed with poly or nylon cross hatching strips that worked similarly to a hammock for your behind. These chairs performed their duties well, they were portable, lightweight, and versatility among different geographical elements. Luckily, that is a piece of lawn furniture that is left dead in the past, even though you can still find them if you search with determination. For the progressive and modern designer, the style and beauty has cast an enormous shadow on the outdoor furniture of the past. In modern trends, the patio can be an additional space for relaxation and entertainment in comfort and class. 

Luxurious Outdoor Living 

The sofa that sits in your living room has been strategically designed for comfort, and something like Aluminium outdoor furniture from Lavita has taken this same approach. Aluminum frame fitted with the latest trends in patio design, with the endless possibilities of color accessories such as throw pillows and canopy sets for added flair. A set of decorative candles on the “coffee” table or small Zen gardens can add to the overall finished look. 

Creating an Environment Built for Relaxation 

For the home with an inground pool, placing loungers around poolside for tanning or reading creates a space for friends and family to enjoy the pool and the outdoors if they prefer not to make a splash. Additionally, it is a great place to soak up the sun after exiting the cold water. With furniture that allows cushion replacement, you can change color options, or replace damaged cushions. The sun can be brutal in certain regions and having an extra set of cushions allows interchanging design as well as damage control. 

Making the Most of Your Available Space 

Depending on the square footage of the space you would like to upgrade, you may enjoy a sectional type design, or lounging furniture graced with an elegant canopy or sheer curtain. The classy, modern appeal of these types of lounge furniture adds a sophisticated style to your backyard or patio. Imagine a lazy Saturday on your exquisite L-Shaped sofa, reading a book, watching the kids play, or enjoying an elegant dining experience. Combining chic luxury with contemporary style has paved the way for homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space like never before. 

Fresh Air and Lemonade 

Summers are a perfect opportunity to enjoy the weekends, breathe in the air and enjoy a tall glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade or adult beverage. Taking advantage of available comfort in patio accessories adds an element of that ‘home’ feeling where you can just celebrate life, love, and family in addition to those finer things in life.

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