Methods Of Cleaning The Bathroom With Natural Materials

Methods Of Cleaning The Bathroom With Natural Materials

Recipes for cleaning the bathroom with natural materials:

  • Bathroom cleaning with sodium bicarbonate:

Cleaning the toilet:


cup bicarbonate.

White vinegar.

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The toilet spray is done with carbonate powder or baking soda.

A quantity of white vinegar is then prepared with a spray and vinegar is sprayed on carbonate powder.

The components are left to react for at least half an hour.

The toilet is rubbed thoroughly using the brush.

Cleaning the ceramic separator stains:


half cup sodium carbonate.

half a cup of white vinegar.

half cup lemon juice.

5 liters of water.


The ingredients are prepared as a sprayer bottle.

Then add the ingredients to each other and stir until they are completely blended.

The airbrush shall be filled with ceramic mixture and joints and shall be left for at least five minutes.

The ceramic joints are then rubbed by brushing until stains are removed and the ceramic tile is rinsed with running water.

Removal of calcareous sediments with water taps:


3 tablespoons sodium carbonate.

spoon of water.


The ingredients are prepared and mixed until they are fully mixed.

The mixture is then placed on the calcareous deposits with water taps and rubbed well.

Leave mixture for at least one hour and rinse with water.

  • Cleaning the bathroom with white vinegar:
  • Clean toilet stains


3 cups white vinegar.


A suitable amount of white vinegar is prepared.

Then spray the white vinegar with the toilet on the spots and leave for a period of not less than half an hour as preferably the position of the length of the night and cleaned in the morning.

The toilet is rubbed with its own brushes and the stains will disappear and the toilet will give a luster and a special luster.

Vinegar also helps to kill fungi and disinfection and get rid of unpleasant odors.

  • Cleaning the shower head:


cup white vinegar.

Plastic bag.

ة Method:

Prepare the ingredients and fill the plastic bag with white vinegar.

Then put the shower head inside the bag and vinegar and close it well.

Leave the vinegar with a shower head all night to react and eliminate the stains and fungi found in the head of the shower.

The shower head is rinsed with warm water.

  • Cleaning of hard calcareous sediments with taps.

ا Ingredients:

White vinegar.

Plastic bag.


The white vinegar is placed in a plastic bag.

The plastic bag and inside the white vinegar are closed around the tap tightly.

The plastic bag is left around the tap for at least three hours.

Then rubbing the hard lime stains with the taps will quickly disappear.

The taps are then rinsed and dried.

  • Clean up mold and moisture stains:


half a cup of white vinegar.

half a cup of borax or carbonate.



Preparation of equal amounts of vinegar, borax or carbonate, then add the ingredients to each other and stir well until they are completely mixed.

Then put the mixture into a sprayer and stir well.

Spray the mixture on black spots and mold with ceramics, toilet or floors.

Place the mixture on the stains to dry and rub the spots with their own brush.

The bath is then rinsed thoroughly from the cleaning effects.

Liquid detergent:


Liquid cleaner.

White vinegar.

the amount of warm water.

cut fine cloth.


Add vinegar to the liquid detergent and warm water and mix well.

Prepare a piece of soft cloth and put it in a mixture and then be well squeezed.

Alumetal kitchen cabinets are wiped with wet cloth from inside and outside.

Thealumetal kitchen cabinets are dried with a soft, dry cloth.

Important Tips for Cleaning Alumetal Kitchen:

  • You can use the products of cleaning the alumetal kitchen of hard fat, taking into account the instructions and instructions written on it.
  • Make sure that the materials used for the size of your kitchen and colors are suitable by experimenting with the recipe on a small and invisible area of ​​the kitchen and make sure that it is safe so that your kitchen is not damaged.
  • Make sure to clean the kitchen cabinets thoroughly clean from the inside and outside and not left for a long time so as not to accumulate fat and difficult to get rid of them.
  • You can use a toothbrush to clean the corners with kitchen cabinets and hard-to-reach places in the sponge.
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