Make the Most of Your Apartment Balcony  

Make the Most of Your Apartment Balcony  

Your Columbia Heights apartment is even better since it comes with a balcony. A balcony allows you to take full advantage of the spacious views, and to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine in Washington D.C. Of course, there are way to make your apartment balcony space even more enjoyable. Here’s how to make the most of your apartment balcony.

Install an Herb Garden

Take full advantage of the sunshine by installing an herb garden in your Columbia Heights apartment balcony. Fresh herbs can be used for aromatherapy and to instill fresh flavors into your home cooked meals. To make a balcony herb garden, all you need is a window box, some rich soil and an assortment of young herb plants, like rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil. Fill your window box with the soil and plant the young herb plants. Use hanger hardware to hang the window box on the balcony railings. Be sure to water as needed to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Hang Decorative Curtains

Balcony curtains can be used to make your balcony feel more cozy, to enhance its’ decorative feel, or simply to hide unpleasant views. To easily hang decorative curtains, invest in curtain wire and install along the uppermost edges of your balcony. Hang curtains along the balcony wall, or only in the corners, according to your design goals. Now all you have to do is install your choice of curtain hardware to hold back the curtains when you want the view, or to allow them to hang straight when you desire more privacy.

Install a Hammock

You can enjoy the comfort of a hammock, right from the privacy of your Columbia Heights apartment. Choose from double hammocks, single hammocks or hammock chairs. This is a comfortable seating solution for your apartment balcony no matter which option you choose. To install, follow manufacturer’s directions. For best results, install the hammock or hammock chair against the wall of the apartment in order to maximize the use of the remaining square footage of the balcony.

Create an Outdoor Living Area

Your balcony can be an extended area of your apartment when you create an outdoor living area. To do so, simply invest in a few key pieces of balcony furniture, such as a wicker seating set, and one or two small tables. This will make it feel like you have a second living area where you can relax or entertain guests.

Many apartment dwellers don’t have the benefit of an apartment balcony. Since you do, why not make the most of it with these tips? Use your apartment balcony as a retreat or as yet another living area of your apartment.


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