Looking To Host a Dinner Party This Autumn? Don’t Miss These Ideas

Looking To Host a Dinner Party This Autumn? Don’t Miss These Ideas

Autumn is not as hot as the summer, but it isn’t very cold either. This is the time when you can easily organize a dinner at home and call your close and loved ones for an intimate in-house party. Of course, arrangements are necessary and important, and besides food and wine, you have to get the theme and décor of the dinner party right. Here’s a list of things you can do.

  1. Select a seasonal theme. Selecting a theme for your party is half the job done. For autumn, the idea is to work around soft and warm themes that are indicative of the season and your state of mind. Think of soft lighting, candles, fragrances, décor accessories, that add to the mood.
  2. Go for fragrances. Home fragrance ideas for autumn is all about the rustic, natural scents. The idea is to use scents that define the season, and a good example is burnt orange. You can also try cloves, cinnamon and even other unique scents like star anise. You can also use essential oils in a diffuser, or just simmer the ingredients for that nice feel.
  3. Lighting makes the difference. The power of lighting is undeniable. In otherwise what may seem like a minimalistic space, lighting creates the difference with simple elements. For example, you can install lights along the wall or select string lights that are inserted in a transparent glass bottle and placed on the center table. Low mood lights, pendant lights or a few string lights around the center able is often enough.
  4. Décor accessories are great. Simple vases, small décor elements often transform a small space in no time, and you don’t have to overdo it. Experts and interior designers believe that 2019 will be the season of detailing, where every small aspect will count.
  5. Use fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are great to look, and if you choose some of the scented ones, you can go down with other fragrances. The arrangements can be done in the way you like, in a vase or glass jar, or ready bouquets placed on the wall.

Finally, let’s take a moment and discuss how table arrangements matter. You need to get at least two tableware sets that can be arranged as per the number of guests. Plan in advance and make sure that arrangements are all sorted before the guests come in. Also, do create a table plan, depending on who you invite to the party.


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