Kudos Louvre Roof Systems – 180° Opening Louvre Roof System

Kudos Louvre Roof Systems – 180° Opening Louvre Roof System

Built in a free-standing frame, Kudos Louvre roof systems are suitable for your pergola, veranda, patio and more. They offer protection from scorching summer Sun and maximises winter sun. They are designed in such a way to provide shade and eliminate glare whenever you want.

Kudos Louvre Roof Systems allow you to control your outdoor environment and are designed to survive any stressful weather conditions. Made from high-quality materials, Kudos Louvre Roof Systems can last long longer. This roof system is a low maintenance product and engineered for high winds and heavy snowfall.

Installing Kudos Louvre roof systems provide an extension of leisure space with the facility for outdoor lounging, dining and entertaining. The range of Kudos options, from opening roofs to custom designed shutter panels, allows you to control sun, shade, rain, wind, noise and privacy in your inside and outside spaces. Kudos Louvre Roof Systems come with a tough, weatherproof powder coated finish.

Reasons to Install Kudos Louvre Roof Systems

  • Kudos Louvre Roof Systems are available as a free-standing frame which can be attached to the outside of your barn or garage. This flexible roof system is suitable for pergolas, outdoor BBQ pits, and verandas.
  • These roof systems come with blades that revolve 180°to facilitate complete sunlight management. The blades are designed in such a way to protect youfrom any harsh climatic conditions.
  • With a Kudos Louvre Roof System, you can make the most of the weak winter sunrays, and also it lets you save on cooling costs during the summer.
  • Kudos Louvre Roof System comes in different styles that make a wonderful positive impression on your guests. If you happen to have guests in your open-living area, then this roof system is an ideal choice.
  • They are resilient, strong and durable. These features make them the best option for a home exterior.
  • This shading system requires less maintenance and helps to extend the year-round use of your patio by harnessing the elements in your outdoor living space.
  • The blades in this roof system can be angled towards or against the sun for more optimised energy conservation.

Kudos Louvre roof system can offer exceptional comfort and relaxation for a long time. This roof system can also be customised to match the needs and requirements of the customers. Looking extremely attractive, they add more class to the living environment and are both functional and good looking. Depending on the weather conditions and your special requirement, this versatile outdoor roof system can be adjusted to block out the elements such as sun, rain etc. or let them in.

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