Key Steps Involved in Buying Property in Javea

Key Steps Involved in Buying Property in Javea

Buying property in any country can often be a confusing and complicated process. However, when you are buying a home abroad it is even more tricky to navigate through. Although there are many pitfalls, it is actually a fairly straight forward process. That is, if you take a step by step approach. In the following post we will look at the main steps involved in looking at villas on offer and buying property.


While you might feel the impulse to put an offer on a property you see while holidaying out there, you need to avoid it. Impulsive buying can sometimes be successful, when we are talking about small gifts and clothing, however a house is a rather big investment and not something that should be taken lightly.

Take your time and research the area, consider your needs not just in the present but the distant future too.

Hire a Local Solicitor

When you think you’ve found the best property, make sure you avail yourself of the best help when checking it out. Choosing the right solicitor is a crucial step in the buying property process.

  • The solicitor you choose should speak the same language as you well enough that there are no misunderstandings.
  • Their reputation should be impeccable. Find this out by speaking to people who have previously used them.
  • Been working a for a considerable amount of time, as you want a solicitor with industry experience

Make the Appropriate Property Checks

The appropriate property checks you need to make sure you complete before buying include:

  • Whether or not there are licences on it to cover improvements or planning permissions
  • That the community fees and utilities are paid for
  • That there are no charges or debts outstanding on the property
  • The official legal status of the house

Sign Private Contract

Once you have the green light to go ahead and buy, you can then sign a private contract for the property. Although it’s not officially logged on the registry, it’s legally recognised document that you need to check before signing.

At the time of signing this contract, you are expected to pay the deposit. If you then break your contract, you will lose the deposit. If, however, the vendor/seller breaks their side of the contract, you are liable to receive double the deposit as compensation.

Get an NIE

When you buy a house in Spain you need to make sure you request an NIE or Numero de Identificacion de Ectranjeros. This number signifies that you are registered through the Spanish Tax Authorities.

Sign the Title Deed

You need to go to the Notary’s office to sign the title deed. This is when you will also make the final payment on the house and get the keys

Land Registry Registration

After signing the Title Deed, you then need to register the house at the Land Registry. Your utility companies need to be informed of the name change on the registry.

After that, you just need to pay all the other bills and costs related to moving and buying your new home. Once you have your taxes sorted, you are then able to move in and enjoy your brand-new home in the gorgeous area of Javea.

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