Joys And Pitfalls Of Online Home Furnishings Shopping

Joys And Pitfalls Of Online Home Furnishings Shopping

Furnishing a room is more complicated than filling it with furniture. Arrangements can create zones for specific activities such as chatting over coffee, watching television, or working at a desk. Traffic flow is also important so that no one walks in front of the television on the way to the kitchen or stumbles over someone’s knees to get to the sofa. Aesthetically, the color palette is important and so is the focal point. A piece of furniture, a sculpture or painting, or a wall may serve as a focal point.

The simplest approach to creating a focal point is to use a dynamic piece of sculpture or art, as these items are meant to draw attention and create interest. A small wall with a contrasting color, texture, or treatment can serve as a backdrop for a zone. This is especially true if the wall sets the energy or atmosphere for the zone. Because both bright and dark colors draw attention to the eye, pops of accents in these color ranges can serve as focal points. Rooms that have a primarily neutral color scheme work best for creating color accent focal points. A prevailing trend is the use of a bold furnishing as a focal point. A piece of furniture with a daring size, shape, or color can lend itself as a prominent statement with both form and function.

With the advent of online shopping, finding broad selections of furnishings, artisan pieces, period reproductions or antiques is easier than ever. However, ordering furniture from e-commerce retailers does have drawbacks and caveats. Computer monitors do not display colors accurately, fabric and cushion textures are left to the imagination, and poor workmanship is easily disguised. However, room decorators can employ several methods of ensuring the furniture is as expected and suitable for the space. For example, if a homeowner wishes to purchase a leather armchair online, the manufacturer may agree to send leather samples in various colors and textures.

An essential exercise in ordering furniture online is measuring. The customer should take extensive measurements of the space, door openings, and staircases first then carefully note the dimensions in the product descriptions. Determine if the legs or other pieces are removable or if the piece arrives disassembled. Weight is also a consideration, especially if the piece is destined for an upper floor. The customer may need to contact the manufacturer or seller for details.

Another important factor in furnishing a home via online shopping is understanding return policies. Not only might a customer return a piece that is not as expected but also because of shipping damage or warranty-covered failure. Should the customer need to return a piece, the packaging requirements and costs may be prohibitive. Therefore, shoppers should perform extensive research using third-party entities as references for product and seller reviews. Some online retailers offer a virtual room tool customers may find advantageous. Online furniture shoppers should use every tool available before ordering so the focal point does not make the wrong statement.

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