Is Dolomite Good For Kitchen Countertops?

The Dolomite Slabs in Sydney are harder than usual marble, as it can resist better to etching and acids, than other natural stones. This stone is also elegant and a classy addition to any floor types, kitchens, and bathrooms.  The dolomite natural stone is white with soft grey streaks on it, and this makes it a unique addition to any kitchen types.

Here are a few other reasons, why the professional Dolomite supplier Sydney, suggest them as the best option for kitchen countertops –

  • The Dolomite Slabs Sydney is sturdy and durable. It can also remain scratch-free for many years if cared for properly
  • The Dolomite Slabs are very beautiful just like the marble slabs Sydney and can add a majestic look to your kitchen.
  • They are natural and will not allow any germs or allergens to last on the surface. This makes it a great option for the kitchen countertops.
  • The dolomite slabs create the ambience of a spacious and clean area.
  • When paired with elegant kitchen cabinets, they become a centre of attraction in your kitchen.
  • There are large selections of dolomite slabs of elegant types to choose from.
  • If properly sealed, they are easy to clean and maintain.
  • The dolomite slabs are naturally smooth and have a glossy surface.
  • Ultimately, they are relatively affordable and inexpensive.

Here’s a tip – Even if you have a small and congested kitchen, you can pair up the countertop with white cabinets, and put up a few potted plants next to the kitchen door and windows. This will make your kitchen appear as spacious, offering a whole new look and allowing you to enjoy your cooking ventures cheerfully.

Here are some Do’s

  • Clean the surface of the countertop with the permitted cleaner
  • Clean up the spills and stains immediately to protect your dolomite countertop
  • Use mats or stands under hot dishes

Here are some don’ts

  • Avoid using harsh cleaners that contain acid
  • Avoid using abrasives
  • When you see something has spilled on the dolomite slab countertop, don’t wait to clean up
  • Don’t use formulated alkaline cleaners on the stone

When incorporated in homes as countertops, these dolomite stones offer numerous advantages. It is greatly resistant to heat and can withstand any pressure and wear & tear. The biggest benefit is, these countertops are resistant to acidic etching, making them perfect for any dining spaces or kitchen countertops.

The dolomite stones are harder than marble, and more strikingly beautiful than granite, providing a perfect balance of charm and endurance. Moreover, since this is a natural stone, the patterns on the stone cannot be reproduced, which makes it unique. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen in the near future, install dolomite countertops to enhance the look and feel of your precious home.

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