Important Tips for Renovating Your Home

Important Tips for Renovating Your Home

Are you interested to transform the look of your home and, while you’re at it, increase its functionality as well? If this is the case, then a home renovation is called for.

Whether you’ve just bought a house you wish to modify to suit your needs better or you feel the need to update your current home, renovation is the solution. The task can be challenging, but if you have the means to carry it out, then it’s definitely recommended.

Smooth Renovation

Renovating can be a daunting proposition, what with the many aspects of your home you might want to alter and the costs you’re sure to run up. Nonetheless, if you want to renovate your home in as smooth and effective a manner as possible, here are some tips that will serve you well.

1.      Remember to keep the big picture in mind.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and be fascinated by so many different possibilities, so you have to focus on your vision. Look to the future when you’re finally living in the renovated home and try to imagine how it’s working out for you.

Keep in mind the following considerations:

·         You don’t want hard-to-replace fixtures.

You may have a very unique look in mind, but what if you can’t find a matching fixture when the need for a replacement arises? Being true to your aesthetic is good, but you need to temper it with practicality.

·         You don’t want something high-maintenance.

Again, keeping the look cohesive is often ideal, but if something needs to be cleaned and fixed more often than other options, you might want to reconsider your choices.

·         You don’t want to look dated.

Today’s popular choices look fresh and modern, but there’s a chance that they’ll look outdated in just a couple of years. Windows, carpets, furniture, decorative accents — these may all subscribe to style trends.

If you don’t want to feel the urge to revamp things again in just a few years, it’s recommended that you go for something classic that can be dressed up to suit your shifting tastes and preferences.

2.      Find lodgings for the residents and storage for your things.

Renovation is already stressful as it is, so you can imagine how awful an experience it would be to confine residents and stuff to one area, moving everything around depending on the focus of the work. The best thing to do is to live elsewhere while renovation is ongoing and put your things in storage.

Family or friends might be willing to put you up for a period of time, but asking to store your things in their space is pushing it too far. You can call a trusted storage company and have them send over their people and one of their mobile storage units. For smaller yet really important items, you can pack them up in portable storage pods.

3.      Be conservative about your budget.

The expense of renovation is a major concern. To avoid disappointment, frustration, and general disaster, make sure there’s wiggle room in your budget for changes and surprises. Try to avoid shortcuts; you’ll just suffer in the long run.

4.      DIY easy tasks.

To save money, you can take care of certain tasks that don’t need special skills, provided you have the strength and time. While the skill isn’t required, it’s still imperative that you know what you’re doing.

For instance, you can take care of knocking down walls as long as you’re aware which walls are coming down and if there’s potential danger in doing it. The same goes with ripping out flooring and other similar tasks.

5.      Be smart about lighting choices.

Lighting plays a bigger role in the home than what you might expect. It affects your mood, your vision, your productivity, your bills, etc. Take note of the following tips to make good lighting choices.

  • Use natural light as much as possible. This is the best kind of light. It’s healthy and it’s free.
  • Limit recessed lighting. Installing recessed lighting is tedious and more costly.
  • Try out color and light matching. Before you decide on a paint shade or the color of any important furniture or decorative piece, make sure that the room’s lighting gives it the shade you had in your mind.

Renovation Success

Renovations can be a headache, but when done efficiently, propelled forward by wise choices, they’re definitely worth the trouble and money.


Chris Humphrey is the General Manager of Easytruck Moving & Storage. In 2013, the company combined their expertise in professional moving services & storage to create an entirely new approach to the business – and mobile storage was born! Easytruck now operates over 30,000sqft of air-conditioned facilities in three convenient locations in Dubai and is the only Mobile Storage operator in the UAE.

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