How to Take Care of Your Granite Kitchen Worktop to Keep it New for Decades?

How to Take Care of Your Granite Kitchen Worktop to Keep it New for Decades?

Investment in a beautiful granite worktop is one of the best decisions you have taken for your kitchen. However, you need to preserve its natural beauty as long as it is possible. Granite will give your kitchen warmth and timeless look. It makes it hard with a dense grain resulting in a stainless and hard to scratch worktop. In this article, we will talk about various tips that are required for your worktop to keep it spic and span.

  • In order to clean your granite worktops, you just need a damp cloth to dry it off the excess water or soap residue. It is very easy to clean granite; you need mild soap and water.
  • It is advised not to use any abrasive cleaning products like scouring detergents or metal pads. Also, try to avoid alkaline or chlorine-based cleaning agents and any kind of bleaching agents.
  • The secret of how to clean granite is its drying process. It is very important to treat the granite worktop with care just like you would do with a glass surface.
  • It is recommended to avoid exposure of excessive heat to your new worktop. You can place the hots pans on a mat or trivet when you take them out of a hob.
  • Prevent scratches on your worktop by avoiding the use of abrasive or rough objects on the surface of granite.
  • There are certain liquids which can be harmful the granite worktop such as juices, over cleaners, oil, wine, paint removers, acidic liquids, and any kind of nail varnish removers.
  • Any food or drink should be wiped off immediately if mistakenly spilled. Foods like curry, saffron, red wine, and others can cause a stain.

All these tips will help you to safeguard your granite kitchen worktops for a long period of time.

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