How to Spring Clean like a Pro!

How to Spring Clean like a Pro!

It’s the opening act of spring, and you know what that means – it’s the perfect time to give the home a much needed spruce up! Many people get a new build home, maybe one which is designed by Architects North Wales for the express purpose of being easy to access each living space and indeed clean. With a traditional home you might find that it could take a little longer than originally thought to clean. It could be easier to clean due to brand new installations and finishes – they are also easier to maintain. A spring clean is a fantastic idea, it allows us to have a fresh home with a relaxed and organised clean space to live within.

If you’re like most people, the task can seem very large and many people dread the thought of a proper clean up for it can be a bit intimidating. The mammoth task can seem like a really big challenge. However we’ve put together this article in the hopes that it can assist you in the big clean up. Let’s get to work.


Before you get down to the actual cleaning, why not declutter? Clutter is going to make the cleaning process difficult, nigh impossible. It is certainly not efficient. Go through your possessions and if something is not used regularly or doesn’t look good – chuck it. A weight will be lifted from your shoulders.


The next step is to make a list of the rooms and plan your clean. If you approach the clean systematically, and work out which thing needs to be done and in what order, it’s going to make things go much quicker and even tell you how much time you’ve spent on each thing. Time keeping is so useful.

Get to it

Clear off surfaces! That means polishing and wiping down tables etc. Destroy spider webs, dust off any dust or muck.

Start the laundry – Now’s the time to strip off the bed sheets, throws, cushion covers – get it all washed and clean.

Arrange your possessions. Vacuum all the dirt and detritus from your carpets and floors – get under any furniture, rugs, cracks, crevices and more.

Once competed you might want to invest in new candles, flowers, and home furnishings, many people love the fragrance that it brings to the table – putting the proverbial icing on the cake of your freshly organised home property in north wales.

The whole point of the home is to be lived in, and it is not so enjoyable to be there if the whole place is a mess – create a serene sanctuary in which you can thrive. The home should be somewhere you feel relaxed and comfortable.

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