How to save your roof under a budget

How to save your roof under a budget

Having a perfect house is the dream of all of us. Imagine investing your precious money on your dream house but still not getting satisfied. Yes, most of the people have a house with a damaged roof.  Roofs of the houses have the chance of leaking, getting damaged more easily than any other wall of the house. Many people complain of getting the leakage again and again even after getting it repaired. There are many options to get this problem solved. No, we will not suggest you sell your lovely house just because of the roof. We will give you other solution which will not only help your roof but will also be easy on your pocket.

The perfect solution for your damaged roof

There are many options available These days to the people who want to repair the damaged roof. The problem occurs when even after investing so much money, after a year or two it again gets damaged. Spray foam polyurethane roofing is the answer to all the roof relating problems. This spray system protects your roof, and it can also be installed to the already existing roofs in order to save a lot of money. Once installed, there is no need for expensive tear-offs. It is the most affordable option available to the people who are tired of getting their roofs repaired again and again.

How does it work

The process of spray foam protection can be classified into three stages. These stages tell us the process to accurately install the spray foam polyurethane roof. On a layer of 1-inch thick, the first layer is spread which enables it to cover every inch of the roof and penetrate it.  It not only provides insulation but because of the thickness it also waterproofs it. Acrylic latex is then applied when the first layer is completed. It works very well to provide an additional layer of protection. After that, the last step involves the insulation of puma cover, which after completion provides the roof with a multilayer system which will protect the roof all the time.

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