How to Minimize the Risk of Car Theft

How to Minimize the Risk of Car Theft

Car theft is on the rise, and you have to make sure your car is protected. If you’re in the Texas region, there are quality auto locksmith Houston providers available to help your car lessen the risk of car theft.

Here are six rules you must follow to keep your car safe from thieves.

Double check always

Make sure that when you listen carefully to the central locking system in your car. Usually, it’s a heavy sounding click, and the car also flashes to signify that it’s locked. If any of these cues are not working, that’s a red flag, and it’s time to bring it for car repair or else you’ll be making it easy for thieves to steal it.

Security experts note that some car thieves use remote locking jammers that prevent the signal from your device to reach the car. This makes your car unlocked and easy to steal. If the central locking system in your car is working, check the doors again manually for one last check before walking to your destination. An extra bit of diligence won’t hurt.

Park strategically

This means avoiding poorly lighted places and high crime rate areas. If you’re going to be away for a long time, park it under a street lamp so that there will be light when night arrives.

If you’re parking in a restaurant, look to park it where it will be possible to view it while inside. If you’re parking at the mall, park it close to the main entrance and with other cars so that there will be foot traffic and people can easily spot if something sinister is happening.

Keep your valuables in the car stashed away

If it doesn’t need to be in the car, keep those important documents and valuables at home instead because if stolen, you might find your identity getting stolen.  If it must be in the car, keep it out of sight especially wallets, phones, gadgets, expensive bags, coats, and cash.  Hide it in the compartments and lock it. These things are eye candy to thieves.

Maximize the security features of your car

Car manufacturers are continuously innovating, and this means car security features are being enhanced all the time. Learn the security features of your car especially if it is relatively new. Study the manual and practice using them so that it becomes second nature for you to use them.

Protect your car keys

The easiest way to steal your car is to steal your car keys. So it makes sense for you to keep it away from thieves. If you’re at home, don’t put it near an open window or at your letterbox. These are easy places for thieves to steal your keys.

Turn off your engine and lock carefully even for short errands

Thieves only need a few seconds to dash off with your car if you just leave the engine running while you make a quick pop to a shop or your house. Turn off the engine, park your car properly and do all security measures before your errand. Better to be safe than sorry.


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