How to Make the Most Out of Your Studios Apartments

How to Make the Most Out of Your Studios Apartments

You found your dream apartment, but it’s a minimally sized studio. The size of the apartment might feel like a limitation, but in reality, you can still take advantage of a minimalistic space that you can make fully your own. The small space gives you room to prioritize and take advantage of saving money by only having a few pieces of furniture. Take these design tips into consideration to make the most out of your studio apartment.

Plants are your friends

Plants are a sure way to make any space feel welcoming. Head to a Trader Joe’s and get some inexpensive nice plants to put by your window. This is a an easy way to give some life to your studio apartment. Almost any design consultant you speak to—especially the experts— will say that plants are one of the best ways to make most out of any space. They are easy, cheap, and bring some literal life to the place.

Plants also are discussed in feng shui techniques. It is said that Golden Pothos are a good option. It is one of best feng shui plants because it removes chemicals such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. Some other great choices are the Boston fern and a jade plant.

Take advantage of the accessibility of interior designers

Expert creative designers like Karin Ross Designs are available for design consultation when you’re trying to spice up any space, especially when you need to make the most out of your studio home. Professional designers can visualize would look best in your space in ways others can’t. They take your personal style into consideration and combine it with their design expertise to make the most out of the space.

You can find designers locally or online—it depends on what you need consulting on.

Incorporate design elements into the bathroom and kitchen

Both the bathroom and kitchen are the places that are incredibly important in every home. Bathrooms are where you spend time getting ready and showering. This everyday task can be made a lot easier and nicer with the help of some strategically placed mirrors and amenities. Talk to a designer about ways to make your bathroom feel clean, decluttered, and aesthetically pleasing. White is always a good wall color to start off with, so take the time to paint the walls and then decide what to do next.

Kitchens are equally, if not more, important than bathrooms. More time is spend in the kitchen than in any part of the studio, except for your bed when sleeping, that is. Kitchens are all about strategic drawers, shelves, and other storage, so make sure yours has all the right design elements to make it feel spacious and useful.

The issue that many people have with design is not knowing where to start. Others also think that their studio is too small to properly convey elements of design. This, of course, isn’t true—every space is a space that can be optimized depending on one’s wishes. It just takes dedication, focus, and knowing how to execute.

If you want to take your studio’s design to the next level, start with these tips and make the most of your cozy space.

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