How To Keep Your Carpets Looking New? Key Points To Note

How To Keep Your Carpets Looking New? Key Points To Note

There is something homely about sitting on a rug and enjoying a warm cup of tea or paddling through the soft carpet on the hardwood floor. This part of flooring that you’ve come to admire, enjoy and feel happy about requires some special kind of maintenance too. What you give is what you get.

Here’s how you can look well after your rugs and carpets:

1) Avoid the sharp edges and ends.

It is known that once a rug/carpet is installed and furniture is placed over it the only way it will be moved is to be cleaned thoroughly that happens seldom. If the furniture placed on the rug happens to have sharp edges then there are very high chances of big sized cuts and impressions being formed on the material.

To avoid this, you can place small pieces of sponge between the furniture and the rug to save it from the sharp edges.

2) Use a light vacuum to clean the rug

To remove the soil and moisture that seeps deep into the rug every day, it is suggested that a light vacuum is used to remove the dirt.

Placing walk-off mats at the entrance helps to lessen the amount of dirt that makes it to the mats.

3) Liquid spills and drying

If there has been a liquid spill on the carpet then placing an absorbent cotton cloth with heavy weight placed on it helps to absorb in almost the entire liquid on the carpet.

Also, when drying a rug make sure that it’s clean and dry from both the sides. A damp rug should never be used; it not only will emit foul smell but also be prone to attract more dust and dirt.

4) Evening out the rug

With usage, it is obvious that the rug loses its shine and tends to fade and lose color at places that are exposed. Every six months or so when the cleaning time comes, repositioning the rug and rotating it around helps to give it an even look.

5) Consider expert cleaning too

Rugs and carpets are long-term durables and hence must be looked at with the idea of making full use of them. Annual expert cleaning service from cleaners is essential to make sure that your rug is in its optimum condition. Nettoyeur Pro-Sec can aide you find the best way to maintain your carpets and rugs.

Availing the professional services in this regard not just give an extra life to your things but also save you loads.


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