No matter how picturesque and relaxing the design of your bathroom is, do you know that your bathroom is still considered as one of the most dangerous places for your children? This is not just because of the bacteria and viruses that lingers around the area. This also because of the things such as bathroom accessories and vanities inside it that can possibly cause injury to your little ones.

Among all the bathroom accessories and vanities inside it, your bathtub is considered as the most risky of all. In fact, according to studies posted in Family Education, about 24% of submersion deaths occurred in it. Aside from bathtub, other things inside your bathroom that can pose risk to your kids include floor tiles, toilet and rugs. These stuff are usually wet and can be a reason for your children to slip, trip or fall. These accidents can cause broken bones, fractured skull or even death.

There are several ways to make your bathroom safe for kids. Here are some of the tips that could help you with that.


  1.    Install a childproof cover over your bathroom’s doorknob.

Your bathroom can already be dangerous to your child, but it will be more risky if your kid will go there without any adult supervision. So to make sure that he will not go to the bathroom unsupervised, place a childproof cover over your bathroom’s doorknob. You might think your kid is too small to reach the doorknob? Well you have to think again. Curious toddlers can really do amazing things even finding a way to open doorknobs no matter how high it is for them. So, to make sure of your child’s safety, then follow this tip.

  1.    Always make sure that your toilet’s lid is always down.

Toddlers are often curious and would always be in constant investigation with your whole house. And your toilet is not an exemption. An open toilet lid can be an enticing invitation for another adventure for them. If your toddler leans over the bowl, he might lose his balance and fall into the bowl headfirst. This accident can result to skull fracture or even death. To prevent that to happen, always close your toilet’s lid. You can also install a toilet lock in order to refrain your kid from lifting the lid.

  1.    Place a non-slip bath mat on the floor and non-slip rubber mat in the bathtub.

Since your bathtub is very risky especially when wet, it is just important to keep it safe. You can do that by adding non-slip rubber mat in the bathtub and non-slip bath mat on the floor. Since these mats can help increase friction even when wet, adding these can help prevent your children to fall from bathtubs or slip on wet floor.

To lessen bathroom risks and accidents, it is a must to childproof it.  This is a crucial thing to do especially when your kids are already beginning to explore and become curious in their surroundings. So always keep these tips in mind. Make sure to apply these as you renovate or update your bathroom again.


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