How to Choose the Best Hotel Alarm Clock

How to Choose the Best Hotel Alarm Clock

Mention hotel alarm clock to a frequent guest, and you’ll likely get an earful. Some of these clocks evoke feelings of anger, frustration, and confusion.

Why? Check in to any hotel and try setting the timepiece or turn off the radio left on by housekeeping. Sometimes, the alarm starts buzzing at odd hours set by previous guests. It’s no wonder most stakeholders believe alarm clocks should go the dinosaur way.

Solution? Hotels need to adopt better alarm clocks to avoid horrible experiences. That comes down to choosing right. Here are a few tips to help you.

1.    Functionality over design

When choosing an alarm clock for your hotel, don’t be wooed by design. Pick an alarm based on its functionality, not looks. Select a product that is easy to operate. Keep in mind that your guests will probably be groggy when the alarm buzzes. Ensure there are no hard to find buttons.

2.    Alarm light

Alarms that produce bright blue light makes people restless at night. Most smartphones and computer screens generate sleep-disrupting blue light. Alarm clocks that give off red, amber and orange light are ideal for restful sleep.

3.    Consider different sounds

Most alarm clocks use light and sound. Today, you have more sonic options. Consider alarms that suit your hospitality environment. Choose those that start with low volume and get louder over time to wake up your guests more gently. Some alarm clocks have music functionality, making a pleasant wake up to your favorite music.

4.    Extra features

You may need to consider having alarms that also vibrate. Some guests may prefer the bed shaking as a wake-up call. If you have darker guest rooms, get clocks that double as light. As wake up time approaches, the clock turns on dim and gets brighter with time.

Consider having alarms that double as charging stations, single day set alarms, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charging, and USB ports. It’s also imperative to have alarm set instructions available on how to set, stop or snooze.

Getting rid of hotel alarm clocks is not practical. Some guests travel without technology on vacation, and they need to know what time it is. Old alarm clocks are considered difficult to operate, annoying, and frustrating. To get positive feedback from your guests consider upgrading to modern clocks.

The hospitality industry trend is replacing old alarm clocks with new, not repealing. For example, National Hospitality Supply, the largest provider of hotel supplies aims to provide modern alarm clocks that have USB ports, wireless charging and LED displays equipped with single day alarm settings to ensure guests are never disturbed by alarms set by previous guests.

Are you looking for a unique hotel alarm clock? National Hospitality Supply sells quality hotel products such as blankets, clocks, and soaps. We have over 29 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Call us now via 1-800-526-8224 to place an order.

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