How To Arrange Your Bedroom Without Spending A Fortune

How To Arrange Your Bedroom Without Spending A Fortune

If you’ve ever needed to move into an apartment that has nothing in it but walls, you know how complicated it is to arrange all house parts. What seems like an easy job, turns out to be a massive money hole. You get to arrange only a third of it and you’re already broke.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the chance to arrange your bedroom from scratch and not spend tons of money on it. We’ll see what’s essential to have, and where you can cut from the budget.

What you absolutely can’t do without

It’s a fact that you don’t need a fancy chandelier in your bedroom, but what are the things you simply can’t do without?


The basic use of the bedroom is sleeping. This means the most important thing in it is the mattress. We’re not saying the bed, because the construction on which the mattress is placed is often highly expensive and if you’re having a tight budget, this will just drain your pockets.

Billions of people around the world sleep on the ground. Of course, the ground is not the most suitable surface, and that’s why you need the mattress, but not the construction. The mattress can also be very expensive, but even they can be found on a discount price, like here on randpaul2010.


The closet is highly important as you need a place where you’ll store the linen and your clothes. Since handmade closets are very expensive, you can get a small one that will fit your needs at the moment. All closets should be changed over the years as the wood is becoming old, so don’t spend a fortune when you have no money on something you’ll have to change after some time.


Preferably two. You may not have construction to hold the mattress that you can call a bed, but you still need two nightstands by the bed. you need a place to put your Smartphone, the book, the light for reading, and all those little things needed during the night and in the morning.

This might not be essential as the closet is, but you should still have at least one by the bed. After all, nightstands are not as expensive as the other bedroom parts and the huge furniture. It won’t cost much getting one, so feel free to have it in your bedroom.


You don’t need big chandeliers hanging down making the bedroom look like the bedroom of the richest sheik in the World. No, instead of this, you need simple lights because you can’t live in a room without lightning.

Make a wise choice and find light bulbs or light system that fits your style but is not too expensive. Think of simple lights that will cover the room but won’t damage your budget too much. Look here for some bedroom light ideas.

A chair

It shouldn’t be on top of your priorities but a chair is a good thing to have in your bedroom. Since we acknowledged that you don’t have a standard bed, but just a mattress, you need something that you’ll use before or after sleeping.

You can use the chair for dressing up, reading, and other uses. Someone might think, why would I need a chair if I have a mattress to sit on, but a chair goes a long way and it’s a much better solution than a bed or just a mattress.


If you’re working with a tight budget or you want to save for furniture in the bedroom, it’s best you follow the list above and get only the things you really need. You’ll buy the fancy and expensive things later. Expensive hard construction cherry oak bed, beautiful pictures on the walls, a rug tying the room together, or a huge closet that will fit everything you might possibly think off.

For now, work with only the things you need and can’t do without. Just think about what you really need while you sleep – a soft-enough surface, something to cover-up and a pillow. That’s it. You don’t need anything else, but unless you’re an Amish, it’s good to have some furniture in there too.

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