How do roofs affect resale value?

How do roofs affect resale value?

A choice of roof will unquestionably affect the resale value of a home. Some homeowners make take a roof from granted – after all they’ve never had to pay for repairs. It’s a part of the property which i s often ignored as long as it’s doing its job however – this is different matter altogether if you are moving into a new home. Home buyers need to consider the integrity of the property and anything that could happen to the house in the future before making the decision to purchase. Will the house stand up as a long term investment?

If they’re in the market for the ‘dream home’ that they’ve always wanted – a home which they would be proud to spend thousands of pounds on. If they find something out of place like a roof it could emotionally affect the decision to buy – putting them off matching the asking price or making an offer altogether.

How exactly do roofs affect resale value?

To break it down – it’s a case of supply and demand

If the demand is high for a certain style of roof at the time of sale then it is very likely to affect a home’s resale value positively. The inverse is also true.

Studies suggest that metal roofs can boost a home’s resale value by 6% as opposed to asphalt shingles. THe demand for metal roofs is higher – metal roofs are more expensive – why insulate the home better and are much less vulnerable to damage.

A metal roof is a smart investment for a buyer and therefore they will pay more to have one.

At the same time a flat roof which is more susceptible to certain kinds of damage could also affect the resale value – thatched roofs on the other hand may need a level of maintenance and mean that a higher price of home insurance is needed.

Imagine you find the house of your dreams – everything is perfecta sider from the roof which is missing shingles and is a bit of a state – how long has it been like that, has any additional damage been down to the interior as a result? Many times people will think it’s not worth the risk of investment.

A roof can boost the resale value of a home – there’s no denying it and so many flippers do decide to have a roof redone if it is calculated that the value of the house will be very positively affected.

If your insurer is paying for the new roof – it could be the opportunity to give you home’s value an affective boost – but it is very important that you do diligent research on what kind of roof is currently in demand with homebuyers.

The internet is a fantastic resource for research when it comes to what’s trending when it comes to the property industry and it’s vital that you utilise this tool. Another option is to talk to roofers Llandudno or adviser about what they recommend is a smart investment. It’s important to consider that certain roofing options will  cost a certain amount of cash – are you going to get a worthwhile return on what you put into it?

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