How are Surveys done on New Builds?  

How are Surveys done on New Builds?  

When a home is being developed as a new build, it can look amazing. As you turn up to watch the foundations go into place and the building develop more & more as time goes, it’s very exciting. However, it’s like looking at a tremendous piece of artwork; only a genuine expert of the craft can spot the mistakes. To the untrained eye, then, a new house can look outstanding – perfect in every way. To a surveyor, though, it could be a hidden nightmare that disguises some very serious problems underneath the gleaming exterior!

This is why it’s so important that new build home surveys are carried out. New-builds need to be looked over and ensure that they meet all regulations, requirements and professional practices. Delivered by a snagger’, this service is all about catching problems early before you move in and get settled into your new build home.

Naturally, having a survey taken out from an independent source from the construction team can make a lot of sense. It allows you to get high-quality specialist equipment that gives you the opportunity to really help catch snags in the building and have them corrected before moving in.

How Does the Survey Take Place?

  • To start off with, you will need to reserve a spot with a house snagger online. They will then come in and take a look at the new build when they can, and this will make sure that you have a date set in stone for the survey to take place. Once the date is set, they will head down and begin to look at the property to find any potential problems.
  • This snagging inspection will take roughly five hours. This comprehensive service will look at every nook and cranny of the house and find any problems that do not meet the requirements. From checking the quality of the insulation to the paint work, everything will be looked over.
  • It will also give you a clear example of how the house is being managed in terms of fittings and features. If any problems or poor craftsmanship shows up on the report, then it will be made clear to you so that you can get the experts to come in and do the job right this time.
  • Once the report is ready and the experts are happy with their findings, they will contact you to help you get more information about the report itself. This will give you an overview of the property, the good and the bad. It will show you all checks carried out and include photos of the roof as well as thermal imaging so that you can see how radiators and insulation are working.

So, this service is essential for making sure that a new home is up to the standard needed. Working with a snagging company can help you to make sure that your property is up to the quality that you paid for, ensuring you get great value for your massive investment.  


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