Hickory Hardwood Floors – Pros & Cons

Hickory Hardwood Floors – Pros & Cons

Hickory hardwood floors is the kind of flooring which will continue for many generations with half as numerous complaints and scratches as other hardwood flooring. This flooring is shock-resistant, sturdy, hard to cut, sand, shape, and install. It features a janka hardness rating of 1820, that makes it among the hardest hardwoods found worldwide. Most hickory hardwood is brown-red colors but there’s also white-colored hickory.

Pros of hickory hardwood floors

  • Shock resistant-being shock resistant, hickory hardwood can also be accustomed to make furniture, golf equipment, baseball bats, and much more. When it’s utilized as flooring, with the ability to withstand the daily deterioration, weight, heat, and pressure of the household.
  • Durable-it’s harder than walnut, pine, oak, and teak. Even though it is hardwood it may develop dents and scratches if there’s excessive pressure used, after prolonged use, and when you drop heavy objects like tools. This is often fixed through getting hardwood floors using hands-crawled hickory flooring.
  • Includes a grain pattern that’s remarkable-the wood-grain is extremely attractive but is even made more beautiful when it’s utilized as hardwood floors. When building new homes this is actually the most searched for after wood for that floors. It’s because the colour variations which go from brownish to just about white-colored. There’s also attractive mineral streaks and knots.

Cons of hickory hardwood floors

  • It is not easy to set up-if report and density of hickory it can make it hard to chop fit and sand into hardwood floors. It may even damage sturdy hands tools using its hardness. It’s not advisable for any homeowner or beginner to try and make hickory hardwood boards for that floor but come with an expert get the job done. Additionally they offer pre-cut, finished hickory hardwood floors if you wish to do-it-yourself.

  • The floorboards have to be wider than normal-due to the dense coloration it’s will have to be reduce 3 ¼. 4, and 5 ” thick boards because any thinner boards won’t look right. Thinner boards can overwhelm the entire appearance of the ground due to the different shades and irregular and uneven wood-grain. If you use wider boards, it cuts down on this issue.
  • Resistant against staining-hickory wood is really dense that if it’s stained another color or allow it a shine the stain will frequently not adhere or penetrate the top and could modify the finish. The only real have the wood that may go ahead and take staining may be the soft areas within the wood.
  • Prone to warping-though it may be a tough wood, if it’s not dried properly prior to it being installed it might warp.
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