Here’s what your air looks like when you skip air duct cleaning

Here’s what your air looks like when you skip air duct cleaning

One of the most important things to living right is air quality. That’s why when running the air conditioner, it’s important to clean your air ducts to reduce allergens, mold and toxins.

Over time, dust, mold, and other blockages build up, causing the quality of air to diminish. This build up can cause illnesses, harm the lungs and create higher electric bills, as it is harder for air to pass through the ducts.

Air duct cleaning can help alleviate these germs

When a technician comes to look at your air ducts, they usually use a video camera to take a picture of what it looks like. Imagine debris and other bacteria lined along the inside of the ducts.

Getting the air ducts cleaned can be well worth the money when using a reputable company. They will use specialized equipment to dislodge the debris with long tubes and vacuum mechanisms into a tank. Once completed, the company usually sprays an anti-germ solution to prevent further build-up.

Who performs air duct cleaning services?

Taking the time to speak to a licensed technician can help you safely get your ducts cleaned. Relying on a company that is not licensed or experienced can result in EPA regulatory infractions, which can harm your air quality.

Right now, there are no chemical biocides sanctioned by the EPA for use on internal air ducts.

For more information on air duct cleaning and how you can get this done in your home or commercial space, contact the team at Hoosier Heating & Cooling today!

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