Four Reasons your Pressure Washer Starts and Stalls Out

Four Reasons your Pressure Washer Starts and Stalls Out

There is no denying the benefit of a Unimanix pressure washer. These tools can be immensely helpful when it comes time to clean your home’s siding or your farm equipment. They are also useful for quickly cleaning debris from a patio or deck or from your driveway. That is, of course, they are useful until they stop working properly.

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Like all tools, you must properly maintain a pressure washer if you want to take full advantage of its benefits.  That said, lets take a look at why a pressure washer might start and then stall out; and what you might do to remedy the situation.

Starts and Stalls Issue #1:  CLOGGED CARBURETOR

While this type of issue might be rare in your daily driving vehicle, a clogged carburetor can be somewhat common in a power washer. This issue evolves from evaporation of fuel left in the tank over an extended period of time.  What remains after this evaporation are heavy deposits that can slow down fuel flow and cause disruption in the carburetor’s efficacy, which can result in the engine stalling out even if it starts.

Starts and Stalls Issue #2:  CLOGGED FUEL FILTER

A starting and stalling problem is usually a fuel issue, which explains why the carburetor might be involved. If it is not the carburetor, the next thing you would check is the fuel filter.  Basically, this can become clogged from deposits and that means you can’t filter fuel efficiently, which causes your engine to be inconsistent.  And if this is the problem you just need to replace the fuel filter to restore proper operation.

Starts and Stalls Issue #3:  BROKEN FUEL CAP

If it is neither the carburetor nor the fuel filter, the issue could be a fuel pressure imbalance and that means there is a leak somewhere in the fuel line. But before you go inspecting the whole line you should know that a broken fuel cap is often the culprit.  Sometimes just loosening the cap a little can fix the problem; sometimes you will have to replace the cap because its vents are clogged.

Starts and Stalls Issue #4:  AIR FILTER

Finally, if you have a fuel pressure inconsistency, it could also mean it is time to replace the air filter.  If the air filter is clogged, the engine gets more fuel than air and can’t properly convert energy.

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