Drive Higher Sales with Optimized Home Builder Marketing

Drive Higher Sales with Optimized Home Builder Marketing

The idea that “If you build it, they will come” may work in the movies, but in real life you need to let prospective buyers know about your new construction. Here are some home builder marketing ideas to help you identify your target audience of ideal buyers and drive higher sales.

Identify prospects

By the time you begin construction, you probably already know who your target audience is. For example, small- to medium-sized houses in the suburbs with garages and lawns are probably most desired by couples and families with children, while townhomes in or near a downtown area will most likely be preferred by millennials without children, empty nesters or retirees. Keep this in mind when deciding who will be the best recipients of your marketing message in order to optimize time and budget spent.

Refine the message

Once you have identified the prospective audience for your spec homes or master-planned development, consider what message will resonate with that group. You already know that your message will include basic information about the houses available and their location, such as square footage, building materials and community amenities. But what additional value do your homes provide to buyers? What features and benefits do the houses offer that are important to this audience? Once you have determined these, you can select the best medium, or channel, with which to market your message to this group.

Select the appropriate channel(s)

The number and types of channels available today make it easier than ever before to conduct marketing quickly and efficiently, while using analysis tools to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns. One of the most basic tools is a website that contains not only essential information about the homes and/or development, but virtual tours and 3D renderings of the properties as well. Prospective buyers should be able to request additional information from your site, which is also an easy way to capture their email address for future marketing efforts. Another way is to offer a “lead magnet,” or something for free (like a download of an e-book) in exchange for the email address. And don’t overlook past clients; you already have their contact information, and they may be one of your best sources for new leads.

Social media has also become a basic marketing tool; however, it is important to understand which platforms perform best for your selected audience. Some will respond better to ads presented during a Google search or on Facebook, while others will be more engaged with content on Instagram or Snapchat, for example. Both organic and paid marketing can be tested and optimized on these platforms, making social media a relatively easy and inexpensive way to generate leads and drive prospects back to your website, capture their email address, or even invite them to an open house or sales event.

Whether your goals are foot traffic, qualified leads, deposits or sales (or all of the above), the possibilities are endless for home builder marketing. By identifying your prospects, refining your message and sending that message strategically through the appropriate channels, you’ll reach all of those goals, and more.

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