Do you know how to clean a new home before you move in? alt. Vacuum cleaner.

Do you know how to clean a new home before you move in? alt. Vacuum cleaner.

 How to Clean a New Home Before You Move In?

Moving is always about something exciting and something less exciting. The latter covers such things as packing, unpacking and cleaning. No matter if you’re renting or buying, you need to clean your new home before you move in, right? Even a brand new construction requires cleaning, to get rid of dust and dirt. So there’s no way around it, but to have it done. That’s not always an easy job to do. But it can still be made somewhat easier with some helpful tips on how to clean a new home.

The first one is not that much about cleaning, but more about what comes prior to that. Paint the walls if you can before you move in. This will enable a fresh, polished look of your new home and will help with cleanness as well. It’s a lot more convenient if you can clean your new house before moving in. But even if you can’t, cleaning is a must, even if done with all the furniture and boxes around.Here’s how to do it as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Clean a new home with ease.

There’s an easy way to clean a new home.

Take a deep breath

How do you feel about that “clean a new home” thing? Hopefully, you’ll not be thinking something like –Yeah, relocating to Brooklyn could be the right decision, but man, think about all that packing, unpacking and cleaning! All jokes aside, some people indeed dread cleaning before moving in, but the more you feel anxious about it, the harder it gets. Yes, cleaning is not a fun thing to do, but it’s something that must be done so that you could start a new chapter in your life.

Start from the top and go to the bottom in each room

You obviously won’t be dealing with the floors only. There’s so much more than that – shelves, ceiling fans and other high up stuff also need cleaning. Start with these things first. As you clean them, some of the dust and dirt will end up on the floor.So start from the top and work your way down in each room. It’s the best and most efficient way to clean a new home.

The kitchen comes first

Leave everything else and clean the fridge. You need to put your food in there and that just won’t wait, so sanitize the fridge first. Start with unplugging it if by some chance it hasn’t been done already, as warming up will help, making it easier to clean. Try to remove the shelves and clean them with soap and warm water, then do the same with drawers. Basically, remove anything you can and wash it separately.Use white vinegar and water to clean the inside of the fridge and if there’s anything that’s stuck on, leave the water and vinegar to sit there for a while. Then do all of this with the freezer as well.

Carry on and clean the rest of the kitchen

Remember to start from the top and go to the bottom and don’t forget to clean corners of the ceiling and lighting fixtures. Then move on to the appliances, such as the dishwasher, sink, oven, microwave, stovetop etc. If you need to deal with difficult stovetop stains, try using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. All you need to do is to pour baking soda in a bowl and then add some hydrogen peroxide. Make a paste and spread it over the stove. It should stay there for 15 minutes and then you just need to scrub.

Move on to the cabinets and clean them both on the inside and outside.Don’t forget to clean the handles as well. You may also want to consider using lining paper in your cabinets from then on, which you can find at any home store. While doing all the cleaning, make sure to use a suitable brush, so that you don’t scratch the surface.

You’re almost done now with cleaning your kitchen. Did you notice that we haven’t mentioned the floor? We haven’t done that for a reason. Leave the floor as it is at the moment, we’ll get back to it. Let’s move on.

 Kitchen cleaning.

Clean the kitchen first. Title: Kitchen cleaning.

Clean the bathrooms next

There are two things you want to do when cleaning your bathrooms: you want to disinfect everything and you want spotless surfaces as well. So after you’ve been done with soap and water, use an antibacterial spray as well. Make sure not to skip the toilet paper holder, faucets, light switches, and door handles when cleaning and sanitizing. To get rid of water stains on faucets and other metal hardware use juice from a fresh lemon and rub them down.Finally, replace the toilet seats. It’s not a big investment money-wise and it’s a great investment in terms of cleanness and your health.

Take care of the rest of the place

Once more, start from the ceiling and don’t forget surfaces such as the light switches and tops of doors and windows. A good vacuum attachment will come in handy here. If you’ve already moved in, you’ll have to work around all the boxes, but at least you know you’ve done with it. If you haven’t moved in yet and still thinking of which moving company to hire, you might want to check out

Finally, it’s time to clean the floors

We’re almost done with our tips on how to clean a new homeand you’re now almost done with cleaning. Great news, let’s wrap it up!

When cleaning wood, tile and linoleum floors, make sure to clean corners and edges. The best way to do so is by using a vacuum attachment. Then just sweep up the floors and never vacuum the surface unless you have a vacuum cleaner particularly intended for that. Eventually, you need to mop the floor, but make sure to use a product that’s safe for that particular surface.

Cleaning carpets requires a steam cleaner, so if you don’t have one rent it or hires a professional to do the job. Vacuuming alone is simply not enough, even though the carpet may look a lot cleanerafterward. But the main thing is to get rid of allergens and to improve air qualityand vacuuming is just not enough when it comes to any of those two.


To get rid of water stains use juice from a fresh lemon. Title: Bathroom cleaning.

To sum it all up for you

Here’s a short list of what to do when you need to clean a new home and in which order:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bathrooms
  3. The rest of the place
  4. Floors

Cleaning is not fun, we all know it. But it’s something that needs to be done in order to move on with moving in.Use these tips to clean your new home quickly and efficiently, so that you could then switch to the fun stuff, such as exploring your new neighborhood and meeting new friends. Enjoy your new home and your new life!


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